What is Russell T. Davies Doing to Chase These Great Actors Away?

BBC: “David Tennant is ‘committed’ to Doctor Who, the BBC insists, despite a report that he is leaving the sci-fi drama. The Sun claimed the actor, 35, planned to depart next year, in the middle of the fourth series of the hit programme. But he was currently filming the third series, a BBC spokeswoman said, adding that any episodes beyond that had yet to receive the go-ahead.”


  1. You mean aside from the hectic pace and long days of shooting and no time to pursue other work? I don’t think it’s anything Davies is doing — although, clearly, the second season was overall not as strong as the first. I think it’s just the nature of the beast. Tom Baker’s the only one who’s lasted any real length of time as the Doctor.

  2. It could be a fear of typecasting. Tom Baker, who was possibly the most successfull Doctor, found shaking off the role really difficult.

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