What Next? Doc Manhattan Played by Ashton Kutcher?

Hey, producers, hack screenwriters and directors, and other cretinous bastards walking through the slimy alleys of Hollywood: Stop fucking around with Alan Moore’s work! (Or rather, Alan Moore, stop allowing these guys to fuck with your work. Do you really need more Victorian erotica to add to your copious collection in the east wing of the estate? Shit, Alan. It ain’t worth it!)

From Hell was a tepid affair. The League of Extraordinary Gentleman was abominable. And if, as this guy reports, you’re going to tamper with the careful politics of V for Vendetta and dilute this fantastic masterpiece of all its punch — if you motherfuckers can’t even “adapt” a fucking comic book, then you have no business being in show business.

And on a related note, why does The Bourne Supremacy make Paul Greengrass the ideal man to direct The Watchmen? Wasn’t Terry Gilliam attached to this at once point? (via Bookslut)


  1. Alan Moore has no say in allowing movies to be made of his work. That’s not how the comics industry works. The comic book publisher owns all rights, the creator is paid by contract.

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