What’s Happening?

Christopher Orr: “The snatches of televised commentary we see at the end of the film declare that this murderous act of nature was a warning; everyone seems to assume the obvious lesson to take is that we’d better treat nature nicer lest it decide to start wiping us out again. Allow me to suggest, contrarily, that if millions of Americans were killed by some tree-originated pathogen that could be released again at any time, the immediate result would not be a renewed enthusiasm for peaceful coexistence, but rather a program of deforestation so aggressive it’d make the Brazilian lumber industry look like tree huggers. If anyone were to take this film as seriously as it would like to be taken (and it’s hard to imagine anyone will), the clear imperative wouldn’t be to buy a Prius, but to chop down the red oak in the back yard. Because something like this could really happen. Really.”


  1. My girlfriend and I rented a DVD of The Village (featuring his adolescent home movies as an extra) way back when and alternated rapidly between rolling on the floor in agonies of counter-indicated mirth, or just giving each other WTF-looks of such profundity that we hurt facial muscles we never knew we had. If Shyamalan isn’t F.F. Coppola’s great-grand nephew twice removed, he must be an extraordinarily gifted fella(tor).

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