1. I’m going to go on a limb and posit that Tao Lin wrote both halves of the “controversy.” This Tao Lin persona seems like an obvious put-on to me. I get a kick out of it, actually, because it’s pretty clever as a put-on since obviously there’s plenty of people who take what he (or she or they) say(s) at face value. I’m just surprised that the normally discerning Ed is one of them. (If he is indeed one of them.)

  2. In fact, Tao and Fran are two different people. They invariably butt heads, and have for a number of years on Tao’s blog.

    It’s dear. In a Hollywood movie, they’d fall in love. In real life, they will continue to butt heads until my friend Tao, a vegan, falls into a protein-deficiency coma of some sort.

    Consider this online controversy a sort of nod to the romantic comedy genre.

  3. ?!?!? Jesus Christ on a Ferrari. May, I assure you that I am NOT “Tao Lin.” I do think there’s a miasma of fakeness coming from and surrounding him, which you seem to be perceiving, but I am ME, Fran.

    I think Matthew’s right about his assessment of the Fran-Tao situation, at least as far as the Hollywood movie and the real past and present are concerned (because I’m not gonna keep dealing with Tao forever) and except for the coma part, but I think that was a vegan joke and funny in an ironic way, even though I’m a vegan too and I eat more than enough protein and think protein’s fucking overrated.

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