Who Needs Those Two-Page DeLillo Reviews When You’ve Got John Grisham?

Horrible news about the NYTBR‘s change in direction:

Well, if you write non-fiction, review non-fiction, or prefer to read non-fiction, break out the champagne. “The most compelling ideas tend to be in the non-fiction world,” Keller says. “Because we are a newspaper, we should be more skewed toward non-fiction.”

What’s more, if you’re perplexed or simply bored with what passes for smart fiction these days, the Times feels your pain. More attention will be paid to the potboilers, we’re told. After all, says Keller, somebody’s got to tell you what book to choose at the airport.

Personally, I’d rather suffer through Laura Miller’s columns every once in a while than see the Gray Lady cave like this.

(via Old Hag)


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