Whose Game Is It Anyway?

Back in 1993, when I had grand plans of forming an improvisational troupe in Sacramento that fizzled, I wrote down a list of all of the games in Whose Line Is It Anyway? that I used for auditioning potential actors. I lost the list many years ago, which is just as well, seeing how terrible my handwriting is. Thankfully, Wikipedia ha a list of nearly all of the games used on both the UK and the US incarnations of the program.

Also, if this is true, I had no idea that Tony Slattery went through a midlife crisis where he refused to answer the door and the telephone for six months.


  1. I always thought that Tony Slattery was the best thing about Whose Line. I’m glad that he’s making a career comeback.

  2. Oh wow. You know, my uncle actually auditioned for an improv troupe in Sacramento, circa 1993. As I recall he didn’t get called back. My uncle is not very funny.

  3. It was quite widely reported in the UK that Tony Slattery had some kind of breakdown, but only several years after it actually happened.

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