Why Vox is Worthless to Any Thinking Blogger

Maxine Clarke: “I concluded that Vox must be going for the ‘young’ market — free (unlike Typepad), easy to use, high-level modules that don’t allow much personal variation on a basic theme, and don’t let the blogger remotely near the html code (total contrast with Blogger’s ‘let it all hang out’ approach). This impression is to some extent confirmed by the latest upgrades: you can now customise your banner design, and, with a complete straight face, Vox provides a question of the day for those inconvenient occasions when ‘you don’t know what to blog about’.”


  1. Vox has struck me as a more feature-rich Livejournal. It looks very nice at first, with all its built-in thumbnails and integrated etc. but then, yeah, after looking at a few different blogs they all sort of look the same.
    Granted, I like livejournal. I’ve had one for years, and there are many friends to read and who will read and type to me, and there are lots of communities. But I also end up feeling that no one outside of the site will ever run across that page, it’s stationed too deep in that empire of journals. Plus I feel like it’s borrowed space. I have more fun using templates like wordpress and creating a site that’s all my own.

  2. Eh – does it really matter what the blog looks like? It’s what you write in it that counts. There are stupid bloggers using every kind of system available. I’m capable of making my own blog with Typepad or whatever, I just choose not to. I’ve had one since 1996. I don’t want the hassle. I like my LiveJournal, Vox isn’t much different. They both have security levels, which is nice for those of us who aren’t writing for a mass audience, and communities to get to know people. Down with blog snobbery!

  3. Well I hope I am the opposite of a blog snob! But Vox does not even let you have a blogroll, you can only link to people who also have a Vox blog and who choose to join your neighbourhood (and you theirs). I think it is far less “snobbish” to go for Blogger, Typepad (owner of Vox), WordPress et al. and to be able to link to whom you like. Opposite of snobby, surely?

    Thanks for the link, Mr Reluctant, much appreciated.

    maxine (who has unsnobbish blogs on Typepad, Blogger, WordPress and Vox. And probably a few other platforms too if I could only remember where I left them all.)

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