William T. Vollmann the Artist

The Winter 2006 edition of Scott Esposito’s Quarterly Conversation features many fine offerings, but, for understandable reasons, I’m quite partial to Terri Saul’s fascinating interview with Vollmann. Terri stepped inside Vollmann’s studio and talks with him explicitly about his artwork. There’s also this funny conversational exchange, in which Terri willingly sets herself up for Vollmann mischief:

WTV: So, if I were going to draw you, how would you want to be drawn?

TS: I think I’d let you decide, since you’re the artist.

WTV: Oh, that sounds good.

TS: How would you want to draw me?

WTV: It depends on whether you’d want to be drawn with or without clothes.

TS: I could think about being a model. Would you pay me anything?


  1. That’s a terrific interview, and I enjoyed the pix of Vollmann and examples of his art — wish there had been more of those. He’s one unusual dude — and a genius, yeah.


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