Yeah, Man, But It’s a Dry Heat!

Bill Paxton went nuts when The View host Joy Behar asked fellow Big Love actor Chloe Sevigny about the infamous Brown Bunny BJ. An “insider” objects: “‘The View’ is a a show that is broadcast to housewives all over Middle America. [Oral sex] isn’t the kind of thing you talk about.”

If we’ve learned anything from covering the book beat, it’s that Middle America sure as hell needs to know about oral sex. Now more than ever. In fact, while we’re at it, why don’t we see Mike Ditka asking football players about cunnilingus? Just to level the playing field and all.

As for the reports of Paxton “exploding off-camera,” let us be the first to say that somebody at the New York Daily News has a sense of humor.


  1. I dunno…I read the same story and figured Bill Paxton was just irked because they were bringing up The Brown Bunny basically to bag on his co-star. (Kinda how Clive Owen tended to get squirmy when Larry King and others asked Jen Aniston about Bennifer and Brangelina during the media circuit for their recent flick.)

    After all, we are talking about a man who got turned into a huge testicle in Weird Science.

  2. I thought it was in incredibly poor taste for Joy to just jump into “Well how about that oral sex scene you performed on Vincent Gallo in the Brown Bunny? How about it Chloe?” with no segue at all. I mean, Chloe should expect some scrutiny for BJ, but the View is not the place and that wasn’t the right time. What was the point in it other than Joy making herself look like an asshole.

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