Yo, Henry, I’M the Reluctant Blogger

It’s fantastic that former Sun-Times book editor Henry Kisor has taken up blogging. But in a transparent effort to attract my attention, to upstage the careful online presence that I’ve built up over the years, he’s named his blog “The Reluctant Blogger.”

You can fire a gun all you want, Harry, but I am O.G. I was THE FIRST litblogger named Reluctant.

Plus, I can fire a pistol standing up!


  1. Yo, Eddie, my reluctance is three words shorter! Nyah!

    Furthermore, my name’s Henry, not Harry.

    I can fire a pistol standing up, too. (But I can’t hit anything that way.)

  2. nyah? i knew a guy who made that noise once. he shot himself in the mouth with a desert eagle. he was sitting down. and his name, i shit you not, was harry.

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