You’ll Also Be Able to Snag a Man and Obsess Over Shoes with Merrick, But Remember Kids, THIS IS NOT CHICK LIT!

Alison Kent: “Dooney & Bourke and Vanity Fair invite you to a special evening of shopping and conversation with Elizabeth Merrick of THIS IS NOT CHICK LIT.”


  1. You know, Ed, you really can’t make this stuff up. Maybe Ms. Merrick needs to go back to school and learn a little bit about the literary device of irony? I know, how’s this: On Dec 2 at noon several contributors to This IS Chick-Lit have been invited to speak on a panel at the literary festival known as the Small Press Book Fair in NYC. Sadly, no shoes will be sold.

  2. Just FYI: Miss Merrick was also invited to speak on that very same panel but is unable to attend due to a previous booking.
    Miss LBL acts like there’s a war to wage just because Merrick got a party at a retail store in honor of her book. Big deal…
    It’s also obvious that the editor of IS Chick Lit cruises these posts in search of an op to trash the editor of IS NOT – I’ve seen your posts on EVERY conversation regarding this book.
    Geez, LBL, seems to me you could channel that energy into writing some fabulous new title instead of just nasty, mean spirited blog post comments.
    But whatevah….
    Is it a crime to read lit and be stylish?

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