Your Netflix Convenience is Built On Another Person’s Misery

A Netflix employee: “After working at Netflix for a while, it starts to get boring and it really brings your emotion down since there’s not many interactions with your fellow coworkers, like for me, sometimes I feel really shitty after shipping for about three and a half hours and that’s why I try to do many talking, walking during our breaks. We can talk during shipping cause our manager don’t mind and we can talk very, very little during rental return cause we need to concentrate on inspecting the DVDs at a fast pace.”


  1. Convenience is usually built on another’s misery, unfortunately. This job doesn’t sound that bad, though. I’ve had way worse than this.

  2. This part is interesting: “Before Monday comes, on the weekend, I did a test run on finding the place cause Mrs. —- said that this place is hidden so thieves won’t come to this place to steal tons and tons of DVDs.” I wonder if there’s ever been a big Netflix heist?

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