1. He’s not an idiot. The problem with Bush isn’t that you can’t fix stupid, it’s that you can’t fix piss-poor character.

  2. We can forgive Bush his idiosyncracies, we can forgive him his staunch hyper-conservatism, we can forgive him his lack of anything remotely resembling poise. But what we can’t forget (or forgive, if you’re a forgivin’ kind of cow poke) is his ill-gotten Presidency. The man is a fraud on multiple levels, whereas the previous President (who I DID vote for) was only a fraud on a couple. The fundamental, the bottom line, the reality here is Bush IS a “War President” (whoever the hell coined that term should be turned into an Erman coat) and yet through familial confluence, he DODGEDTHEMOTHERFUCKINDRAFT. Clinton, while a skirt-chasin’ mo’ fo’ (who, by all accounts, had something close to a photographic memory), NEVER stepped lively into the “War President” mode. In fact, this came back to haunt him. And he has owned up to it, and many other things.

    The mark of a good man (not a “Great” man, mind you – great is subjective, good can have some universally agreed upon qualities) is being strong in character even when he has lost all reason to do so, and I believe Clinton has done that. Clinton, at the very least (and long after his Presidency), has pretended to give a shit what Americans think of him. Not Republicans. Not just Democrats. But Americans.

    Bush doesn’t give a shit. He is exclusionary by lifestyle. There’s nothing about them an that anyone that makes less than 50k a year can relate to. He is NOT the “everyman” with a few problems here and there, a skeleton or at the very least a finger bone in the closet. He DOESN’T CARE. He has engouh moeny and money behind him to make anything he wants go away in some way or another. He DOESN’T CARE. He’s not an idiot, we are. We voted in some ass that doesn’t care about us. Utilize us, sure. Care? No.

    Remember that.

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