#5 — served up

More champagne. I can dance!

Anyway, Stennie’s picture here is similar to what awaits me in the kitchen. And Gwenda is posting ballads. Meanwhile, Jeff has a few side effects of his own. And please help me out here, Hannah. Is there a period between the 1 and the 5 or am I starting to lose my sight with the champagne?

Again, feedback is welcome. Champagne lowers my inhibitions considerably.


  1. Let’s hear a story using these five words/phrases:
    Christopher Cross
    Etruscan sculpture
    Australian cricket

    For example:
    None of the hipsters at the party recognized the sad-eyed manin the doorway was the sensitive singer/songwriter Christopher Cross. Then he turned into a werewolf and ate them all.

  2. Well, champers does devil into the bloodstream more quickly. There’s this great line in an Art Buchwald essay about wine: “I like champagne –because it always tastes like my foot’s asleep.”

  3. One innocent Christopher Cross-as-werewolf story (c’mon, those blond curls! you knew all along…) and the accusations start flying! And I was looking at you, Ms. L., to fill in the cricket part of the adventure.

  4. Drink 1 Point 5 was a normal drink PLUS an unwise extra pre-drink shot of gin. That was the .5. Drink number 15 will be in about 2 hrs, right before I pass out on my gateway.

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