A Case Against the Wii, A Case FOR Lazy Gamers

Slate: “After a few whacks, I realized that the Wii isn’t asking me to simulate a realistic swing. There’s no reason to assume a batter’s stance, and no reason to bother swinging the controller fast or following through—flicking the controller like a pingpong paddle works just as well. This is the Wii’s biggest letdown—you don’t need to stand up, leap around, or otherwise leave the warm embrace of your couch. The console senses motion, but compared with the full-body workout of a game like Dance Dance Revolution, you’re not getting any kind of exercise at all.”


  1. The first game he mentions is, I’m assuming, Red Steel, and according to reviewers, that’s just a bad game. Of course, we must neglect to mention the title because the flaw of one game must be used to charge the ENTIRE SYSTEM.

    The coddling in Zelda he mentions is a way of making you comfortable with using the Wii-mote. Zelda is just as challenging as every other Zelda game ever made, and that isn’t because the controller is acting as a barrier.

    The lack of depth in the sports game is excusable because those are, essentially, demos. That’s why Wii sports comes free with the system. DDR doesn’t sense full motion either. It senses where your feet are on the dance pad, and that’s it. Wait for the real sports games! For instance, Madden? Which is out now? And which is supposed to be amazing?

  2. I should mention that this is the first games system I’m interested in playing in YEARS, because finally someone is trying something new instead of merely updating graphics.

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