A Few Words on Fear

It’s come to my attention that an impending “crackdown” on bloggers is in the works. Bloggers will be arrested without due process, left to rot in a small 3 X 5 room, forced to hum ELO tunes at gunpoint, and asked if they’d prefer a stale menthol before being executed.

Of course, all this sounds very exciting and ominous. Someone in the shadowy hallways of the Pentagon is no doubt laughing his ass about all this. Presumably, they won’t be contributing to the edrants micropatron fund. Their loss. The empty Stoli botle is A-1.

But, for the record, you won’t find this place catering to the alleged rules and regulations — mostly, because we’re too lazy to keep track of the type of linking that might construe terrorism. We’ll link any damn way we want to and we encourage you to do the same.


  1. Fortunately, I know the melodies to several ELO songs, so I will drive my capturers as crazy as Harlequin did the Tick-Tock Man! I think I can probably break them somewhere around “Mr. Blue Sky.” And if I have to, I’ll break out Chicago’s “Beginnings” just to drive the final nail through their skulls.

  2. What are these drug comments showing up in your
    comments thingies? Are you being set up? Is an edrantsbailfund.com next?

    Progresso’s Southwestern Chicken soup is pretty good, by the way.

    I forget what I was going say—————oh yeah, if you can rise from your torpid state, have a look at Chuckie Taylor on Deborah Lipstadt’s new book at Powell’s and Salon. Chuck is feeling his oats and has taken on the Hitch.

    Bad Chuck, bad.

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