Actors/Volunteers for “Wrestling”

Apologies for corrupting Return of the Reluctant business with the play business. We will have a separation between church and state firmly in place next month.

But if you are an actor in the San Francisco area, and you’re looking to be involved with a nutty Beckettesque kind of play (with bad puns and unapologetic jokes about Preparation H), then please note that we will be holding auditions for Wrestling an Alligator on July 17 and July 18, with callbacks to be held on July 24. We have four roles, two male and two female. (To the Demolishing Crew: Yes, that’s right, a character’s gender has changed over the last couple of days, along with several other things, thanks in part to your valuable input. But please keep the feedback coming.) Feel free to email me at for details.

Also, we will be looking for crew volunteers for the months of August and September. More details to come.