Banging the Tin Drum Harshly

Christopher Hitchens tears Gunter Grass a new one: “‘Let those who want to judge, pass judgment,’ Grass said last week in a typically sententious utterance. Very well, then, mein lieber Herr. The first judgment is that you kept quiet about your past until you could win the Nobel Prize for literature. The second judgment is that you are not as important to German or to literary history as you think you are. The third judgment is that you will be remembered neither as a war criminal nor as an anti-Nazi hero, but more as a bit of a bloody fool.”


  1. If anyone knows a bloody fool, it’s Snitchens — he sees one each time he looks in a mirror.

  2. Wouldn’t Hitchens’ time be better spent writing yet another defense of Chalabi, or, y’know, playing in traffic?

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