Bat Segundo Aids Brides to Be!

I am truly stunned, honored, and otherwise blushing big time because of Callie’s kind words and extremely creative approach to Segundo listening:

Part of this wedding prep involves working out a bit more than your average obsessive reader/writer usually has time for (read: none). So I’ve been rising each morning, turning on my iRiver (take that iPod) and listening to one Bat Segundo Podcast each day. This has had the lovely effect of me actually wanting to get out of bed early, wanting to jump on the treadmill. It is excellent to pair such drudgery with the words of my favorite writers. Also: While I had listened to several of the Bat’s ‘casts over the last year, it is only when you consume one (sometimes two) a day over the course of a week, that you really begin to get the wow factor of all the Bat has time to do. I mean, the intros alone are sort of other-worldly. So – my hats off to the Bat and his mysterious creator. I’m only one week in and I have more than 109 days of working out to do, so please, please: more podcasts soon?

And of course, congratulations and many happy years to the future Mr. & Mrs. Counterbalance!

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