1. Torchwood is pretty much a lost cause. At its best, it’s hilariously awful (at its worst, it’s just plain awful without the hilarity).

    Where are you on Doctor Who? The second season wasn’t so hot but the third season is shaping up well enough. Tennant still can’t fill the void left by Eccleston, though.

  2. Is the excerpt of Eeeee Eee Eeee representative of the book as a whole? Because I gotta say, that selection transcends badness and enters the realm of the pitiful. The sense of confusion/malaise just seems gratingly affected, and is frankly boring. “Surreality” and all.

    Miranda July’s blurb certainly describes the writing, but I have a hard time understanding it as praise. Boredom? Vacancy? Laziness? Yes, I see that very clearly, but come on. I have enough of my own, and limited time. I don’t think it’s closed-minded to ask for a little more from a book.

    That said, I really, genuinely want to know what anyone sees in this. Can someone explain it to me?

  3. hi eric. i think it is representative of some of the book. there is a ‘realism’ aspect of the book that wasn’t in that excerpt. to me i think that excerpt is funny. that is what i see in it.

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