BEA: More Posts to Come

I still have a good deal to approach (we haven’t even hit the events of Thursday night or Friday!), but I again have to hit the floor. But I will say that all of the people I’ve had the pleasure to meet have been nothing less than scintillating. On Thursday, I was privileged to meet Kassia Kroszer, Carolyn Kellogg and the exceptionally sweet Wendi Kaufman (and I got to run into my pals Megan, Lauren, Mark, Sarah and Ron again). On Friday, I ran into Bud Parr again and got to meet Matt Cheney, Gwenda Bond and C. Max Magee for the first time. (Rumor has it that poor Lizzie was accosted by Mr. Segundo last night.)

I also go to chat with Tayari on Thursday night just before she left for her magnificent retreat.

There have been several others, which will have to be inserted into various reports. But perhaps the funniest encounter was with Brigid Hughes, who saw my tag, let loose a great hush of recognition. And then she asked me, “But what are YOU doing here?”

Lady, that’s the question I’ve been asking myself my entire life!

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