Bob Hoover’s Columns Ghostwritten?

I was hoping that Bob Hoover, who I understand to be a man of impeccable if questionable editorial standards, might have the courage to respond to the many allegations leveled against him by the blogosphere, but it appears that this week’s biweekly column, while given a Bob Hoover byline, is apparently authored by one Len Barcousky. Could it be that Bob Hoover’s too occupied right now to respond to the facts in that inimitable Hooveresque style? Darn! And here I was hoping that Bob Hoover would tear us a new one! Or perhaps Bob Hoover is a figment of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette‘s imagination! Perhaps Hoover is really Barcousky! Or maybe there really isn’t a Bob Hoover! Which means that the blogosphere expended a good deal of energy defending themselves against the White Rabbit! I don’t know about you, but I won’t be sleeping easy tonight.

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  1. When I wrote my post about Bob’s column, last weekend, I emailed a link to it to Mr. Hoover himself. It was returned with a note that he’d be out through January 30.

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