Homophobic World of Warcraft

I have refrained from playing World of Warcraft (and pretty much all video games) because I know that if I ever got involved, I would become so sucked in that I would never be able to accomplish other things. Of course, now that the Blizzard people have demonstrated themselves to be homophobic assholes, I am now officially disinclined to involve myself with anything that Blizzard ever puts out again.


  1. You found people to be afraid of humans? Oh, I’m sorry I guess what you really meant to say was “people are disgusted by and recognize homosexuality to be immoral and that upsets me.”

  2. All I can say is that I aboslutely love World of Warcraft. I’ve been playing for about a year now and don’t plan on stopping. While WoW is addicting, I must say that I play for more than just the addiction, I play for the social aspect as well since a lot of my friends kick it in Azeroth! – Representing Akama – Lvl 60 Warrior

  3. I’m gonna give Gianni Calluci props for being a complete fuckup.

    Stop thumping your fucking bible, please.. we don’t care what your views are.

  4. Ok so i just HAVE to post something in response to Gianni’s moronic statement…

    Immoral?!?! Yes becuase your bible says so….do u drink? Smoke? Gamble? Read horoscopes? Eat portk? Wear mixed fibre clothing? Work on a Sunday? Eat shellfish or prawns? Been divorced? Had sex before marrage? Not been circumcised withing 7 days of your birth? Well my friend….if you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above then i am please to inform you that, by your cannon law, you will be sentenced to death…night night…

    Christians have a inherent penchent for picking rules that suit them….hypocrisy….

    WoW was my first every MMRPG…in fact the first ever online game…..it is like nothing else……

    Sure theres a bit of homophobia….but….you get that everywhere….i’m gay….but im secure with my sexuality and it is not my defining attribute….being a lv38 Priest is!!!! Hehehe you get homophobia in the streets….would u stop goin there too? Na…..live and let live i say….


  5. I’ve stopped playing WoW, as well, and for the same reasons. I played a level 70 druid and was doing Kara with my guild when I finally decided that enough is ENOUGH.

    For those who think that homophobia is common and so should simply be embraced, I say that you need to learn the difference between homophobia in life and PAYING good money to be slandered, belittled, dehumanized, censured, and ridiculed. It’s one thing to contend with some moron dropping the f-bomb from the gutter as you pass him. It’s another thing ALTOGETHER to pay good money to a company that believes that you should not enjoy the same rights, respect, and dignity that heterosexual players enjoy.

    Why pay cash to be treated like scum when you can get the same treatment for free in the world? (Oh, BTW, you are NOT your character!)

  6. Totaly agree with Victor. Only been playing a few months but decided Im not paying money to play a game full of homophobia. What a waste.

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