1. Oh please.Slightly sounds alike.If you listen to enough music almost everything sounds like something else.Early Dylan especially.

  2. Dude, if you could copyright an arpeggiated chord sequence…

    See, what George did was lift (subconsciously?) a large chunk of the *melody* of “He’s So Fine”, which is a monumental diff, legally, ethically and aesthetically.

    Bruce is cleared of all charges.

    (Now let’s compare 4 Non Blondes’ “What’s Going On?” to Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy” and I’ll see you in court)

  3. Similar, but not close enough for anything other than “And Tommy Tutone got it from…”

    I could write a song with that same progression in that same key.

    But if I did, Ed, copyright infringement would not be what you’d be outraged about. Or anyone else who heard it, for that matter. Fortunately, for the world, there will never be a Jim Winter song that sounds like “867-5309”

    My great aunt in Akron (who had that phone # in 1983) would roll over in her grave if I did that.

  4. Hey, in Western music, only twelve notes in the scale, only so many ways to arrange them that’ll get on the radio. Good for Tommy Heath for being cool about it. But I’m the wrong guy to ask; I didn’t think Wayne Coyne needed to pay Yusuf Islam damages for “Fight Test”/”Father and Son” similarities either.

  5. What the h***????? Tommy Heath didn’t even write Jenny. What is it exactly he’s being “cool” about Brian?

    Any connection between The Boss and Tommy Tutone (aka Tommy Heath) is completely in the mind of Tommy Heath. It’s his only connection to any kind of “fame” these days.

    I read in digg that he has two reports of child abuse filed against him. Is that true? Anybody know? Gives a whole new meaning to his fine, fine work on “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. Doncha think?

  6. Oh. Yeah. Bruce Springsteen has to rip off Tommy Tutone to make a song. Right.

    What planet did you say you were from?

  7. Not only is it not considered plagiarism to ‘steal’ a chord progression, these progressions aren’t even identical. The first chord in ‘Jenny’ is F# major, while Bruce’s counterchord is F# minor. For those of you who don’t know music theory, this is actually a big difference. (Try playing both chords at the same time if you don’t believe me – it would be very dissonant.) Also, the last chords of the riff are very different: B and E (only one common note between the two).
    One song that ACTUALLY uses Tommy’s F#-D-A-B progression would be ‘All Downhill From Here’ by New Found Glory (among others).

    Go call THEM plagiarists now, why doncha.

    – Reverend ‘Why Do They Let 14-Year-Olds On The Internet?’ Flash

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