Bubbles: A Consideration

On June 12, 2009, I attended a bubble battle in New York. But the event wasn’t really a battle — at least not in the traditional sense. Hundred of people who didn’t know each other gathered in Times Square to blow bubbles. It seemed like such a simple act, but it turned out to be so much more. And I hope that the above film, “Bubbles: A Consideration,” gives anyone who wasn’t able to attend a sense of the possibilities.


  1. If I’d known about this, I would so have tried to go, since I was actually in New York yesterday. But then again, maybe it’s best I missed it: I was wearing a suit and going from meeting to meeting Friday; it might have been hard to explain to everyone why I was covered in soap bubble effluvium.

    Looks like fun, though. Now I know why Times Square exists!

  2. Funny about all that soap. I actually attempted to jump onto a raised platform housing a flagpole to get an overhead shot of the crowd and almost broke my neck because of all the soap. But it was rather pleasant.

    The song, incidentally, is “Fondu au noir” by Coeur de Pirate, who can be found here.


  3. Has anyone ever told you your hair (head+facial) appears to be a mouth about to chomp down on the rest of your face? It does.

  4. The best part of the whole thing was when some guy in plainclothes (God knows who he was) started bossing people around and demanding to know who was in charge.

    Ed shouted “I am Sparticus!” and someone else answered “I am Sparticus!” and I shouted “I am Sparticus!”

    Poor guy was so confused.

  5. Ed, I love this. I believe adjectives like “lovely” and “enchanting” would apply.

  6. Beauteous! Thanks. I propose bubble flashmobs for all major metropolises (or is it “metropoli”?).

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