But It Still Doesn’t Explain the Silly Conspiracy Theory in Kurt and Courtney

Nick Broomfield fans (namely, certain monkeys) may be interested to know that a collection of interviews revealing the documentarian’s working methods, Jason Wood’s Nick Broomfield: Documenting Icons has arrived. Daniel Graham has the scoop: “At the heart of Broomfield’s work is a genuine desire to understand the world we live in and to offer his findings to a wider public. He’s certainly right in asserting that evening news bulletins barely scratch the surface when it comes to the more complex issues that trouble the world today, and are often filtered through an inane and commercially-driven editorial process. Is this really preferable to Broomfield’s subjective yet greatly detailed and researched version? Even the documentarist of the day Michael Moore comes across like a blunt instrument when viewed next to Broomfield’s work.” (via Greencine Daily)