C-C-Catch the Wave

So let me get this straight. Max Headroom, a major cyberpunk cultural item that aired for two seasons on ABC in the mid-1980s, is unavailable on DVD. Yet a handful of episodes are available for free on AOL? I don’t understand the logic behind this, but I know what I’ll be downloading very soon. There is also the V television series (as opposed to the more interesting miniseries), a smattering of Wonder Woman episodes, and even Freddy’s Nightmares, which I’m confident is an unintentional laugh riot. (via Fimoculous)

[UPDATE: Actually, it’s too good to be true: “Your PC is not running a supported Windows OS (Windows XP Professional x64 and Vista x64 are not currently supported). You can not buy and download videos.” To hell with AOL.]

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  1. Somewhere I’ve got a large-format book called “Max Headroom: 15 Minutes into the Future” that has scenes from the British version of the series. Way cool, but I’d still want the series on DVD. Thanks for reminding me.

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