Lydia Millet 2.0

Lydia Millet has relaunched her website. If you haven’t read Oh Pure and Radiant Heart or Everyone’s Pretty, there are now excerpts of these books for your enjoyment — as well as an assortment of other writings. And coming in September 2007 from Soft Skull Press: How the Dead Dream. You can also listen to a conversation with her, when I was still pretty green at this interviewing thing, at The Bat Segundo Show #12.


  1. I have constant problems because I get Lydia Millet mixed up with Lynne Tillman. They’re both sort of loopy comic novelists who publish with Soft Skull. I actually have two Tillman books on my “to read” pile and hopefully once I’ve read them her name will be seared into my memory. Still, I wonder if this is a common problem, or just another sign of the horrendous decay of my brain.

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