And Then There’s Passive-Aggressive Whitespace, Which Blames Others, is Terrified of Intimacy and Doesn’t Take Responsibility for Its Own Actions

A List Apart: “Whitespace is often used to create a balanced, harmonious layout. One that just ‘feels’ right. It can also take the reader on a journey through the design in the same way a photographer leaves ‘looking room’ in a portrait shot by positioning the subject off the center of the frame and having them looking into the remaining space. When whitespace is used to lead a reader from one element to another, it’s called ‘active whitespace.'”

The Bat Segundo Show #19


Author: Jay Ryan

Condition of Mr. Segundo: Not savvy with current music but remarkably focused.

Subjects Discussed: How Jay Ryan transforms a concept to music poster, whether or not squirrels attack astronauts, Shellac, Werner Herzog, hand-drawn typography, grumpiness, what happens when bands get an unexpected poster, printing on a mechanical press, smudge marks, bleeding, Rockwell Kent, apocalypses, getting involved with Michael Chabon, book covers, unintentional obliqueness, Fugazi, subtext and association, observing people through the window, planting a seed, the disadvantages of Photoshop and Illustrator, and working within limitations.