Comic Book Article Cliches

Jumping off from this Book Standard article by Jessa Crispin, here is a list of cliches to be found in any article written about comic books. I urge all reviewers to please clip this list next to their typewriters before sending out a query.

1. Comic books: They’re not just for kids anymore!
2. Comic books: They tackle adult themes!
3. Comic books: They’re not lower-class art!
4. Comic books: They tell personal stories!
5. The Egyptians had hieroglyphics. Today, we have comic books!
6. Comic books as the great equalizer among audiences.
7. The obligatory comparison to Art Spiegelman.
8. The obligatory comparison to Frank Miller.
9. Comic books: It’s about the sense of wonder!
10. Well, wouldn’t you know it, graphic novels really are literature!


  1. If they’re feeling really ambitious, they can also make a reference to Los Bros Hernandez. And they also tend to make a point of comics not being all about superheros, but then they blither on about the adult themes in Frank Miller’s Batman, or something. Otherwise, you’ve just summed up every article I’ve seen about comics that I’ve seen in the popular press in the last 10 years…

  2. I’m a little concerned that you listed everything that Jessa said, added one thing of your own, and called it “jumping off” instead of “recapping.” I’m worried because I think you might be an enormous douche.

  3. Hardly, Mr. Cowardly Concerned. And certainly not the intention. The real douches are those who try to instigate wars about pedantic things among people.

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