1. Ah, now that’s a shame, always loved Scotty. Mind you, you have to feel sorry for the guy, it didn’t matter what else he did in his life he’ll always be known for the phrase: ‘She canny take much more, Captain.’

  2. It was damn near impossible not to love Scotty. If we want to deconstruct the nature of “Star Trek,” it was really Spock who did all the brainwork and Scotty who did all the physical labor. All Kirk did was sleep with was sleep with green-skinned aliens. Which is probably a good diplomatic move, but he would have been hopeless without both Spock and Scotty.

    As for Doohan himself, by all reports I’ve heard from some of my film contacts, a standout guy.

  3. Yes, that’s what I’ve read, too, that Doohan was liked by all (I’m a big fan of the original Star Trek; everything else pales by comparison). In fact, based on reading various Star Trek biographies and autobiographies, it seems that Doohan could not stand Shatner, since Shatner was such an egomaniac and scene-stealer (but a great cheezy come-back actor, I must say).

    I will miss Scotty and those Dilithium Crystals.

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