Current Status

At the risk of coming across as a solipsistic bastard, here’s the current status of things, in lieu of a blog entry over the next 24 hours:

1. I am overworked right now but happy.

2. I’m pleased to report that I have, at long last, met the delightful Kimberly Askew. I even sang the first part of Janis Joplin’s “Mercedes Benz” to her. (Or was that Nicki? Or was it Kim and Nicki? Mind severely fatigued. I’m sure I’ll recall the precise details in the morning.) Kim saved my ass with a beer that was somewhere between a pilsner and a Stella Artois. And for this, I was immensely grateful.

3. A lengthy report on the May Queen reading at A Clean, Well-Lighted Place for Books is coming. I don’t know when.

4. At this point, there are eight or so interviews in the can. I don’t know how to release these without overwhelming the listening and reading public, much less pulverizing myself in the process. But if you feel barraged, I greatly apologize. I assure you that the majority of these are quality conversations.

5. Thank you again, Miss Snark, for facilitating all the crazed Bat Segundo stories and providing this overextended correspondent with more than a few laughs. Mr. Segundo has read these and will be responding to the allegations in the next podcast.

6. A reminder: The Alex Robinson interview on Sunday is happening. 3:30 PM at Alternative Press Expo. There will be visuals, a satirical nod to James Lipton, an unusual experiment involving the audience before the Q & A, and Alex and I will be systematically going through his panels to see how they evolved. So be sure to check it out and say hello. This will be a great opportunity to listen to how a fantastic graphic novelist works, as well as ask intelligent questions.

7. Tonight I recorded the most ambitious podcast I’ve ever attempted and it went very well. Stay tuned for an upcoming podcast with dirt dished on Curtis Sittenfeld and the Modern Love section in the New York Times Style section, among many topics.

8. Thank you also to those who have checked up on me. Yes, I am eating three meals a day. I’m still working on catching up on the sleep deficit.

9. Yes, I still owe you email. A few days, por favor.

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