Dallas Morning News Suffers Arts Coverage Atrocities

Dallas Blog: “Will Books go away? Books editor Charles Ealy and critic Jerome Weeks appear to be takers. Lifestyles writers Bryan Wooley, Bill Marvel, Michael Precker and Beatriz Terrazas are listed, among several others. Also investigative reporter Doug Swanson. From the business section, columnist Scott Burns apparently will now have more time to spend in his antique motor home. Artist Randy Bishop is on the goodbye list. Metro is losing some veteran reporters, including Bill Lodge and Tim Wyatt, among others.”


  1. This is a great loss to the book world. I used to write reviews in the old days when Bryan Woolley was books editor for the Times-Herald, which was subsequently swallowed by the News. Bryan was not only a great editor but a terrific writer (four or five novels, two books of non-fiction). I don’t blame him for taking the buy-out; the tragedy is that none of these people are being replaced by young people with brains and ambition. It’s all about the bottom line, as it seems to be everywhere.

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