1. Keep in mind, this is Rick Santorum, so he’s probably envisioning a gay man somewhere marrying that pony.

    At least now he’ll have time to re-read Tolkien and maybe get his analogies right.

  2. Holy shit, I started by thinking that it’s cruel to post this picture of an upset kid, but that cruelty is outdone by Mr. and Mrs. Santorum buying their daughter that dress.

  3. And now the defeated Santorum packs the wife and kids in the family van and heads back to Stepford, Connecticut, where they find solace in milk and cookies in front of a warm, cozy fire.

  4. And quicker than you can wipe up a spill of frothy lube and fecal matter, the ride is over. I suppose this means K can get back to drinking, Harry there will be getting back to Hogwarts, and little Sarah will go back to being Wednesday Addams’ worst enemy. I so just want it to come out one day that he’s gay.

  5. Am I the only one who thinks the deer-in-headlights kid on the far right is just…plain..creepy? Makes me think of Lewis Barnaveldt. (Which, sadly, is an insult to poor Lewis.)

  6. I agree it is wrong to pick on the man’s children. He gave a perfectly gracious concession speech, and it’s not like we all hate the guy (is it?), we just don’t want freaks like him running the country.

    But dear god, this photo is like Night of the Living Dead Stepford Catholics!

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