Duck Hunting on Capitol Hill

Now here’s some absolute strangeness. Kucinich’s bill to impeach Cheney still has a chance. There was an effort to table the bill, but the bill survived the tabling vote and is now headed again to the Judiciary Committee. Could it be that some Democratic Congress members are growing balls? Or is it more Republican shaming, as Paul Kane suggests? You know, November and the threat of re-election does funny things to politicians. Too bad Pelosi and Hoyer are more interesting in taking all the fun out of politics by sticking with their non-impeachment agenda. Which is a bit like a bunch of six-year-olds insisting on keeping the tea party going in the playground while the school bullies keep beating the tar out of all the good kids.


  1. Balls??

    Let me look it up in my dictionary. Ball, Ballet, Ballot… ah, here it is!

    Balls [ball·s] (n) : That which, when belonging to a Democrat congress, said Congress is unable to find. Example: ‘Oh my God, there’s a vote to ban waterboarding and I can’t find my balls!’

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