1. No worse than Manohla Dargis, who wrote her review from the perspective of Billy Connolly’s character, on the basis of his being named “Lord Dargis.” Actually, it was an impressive way to get out of having to issue a single word of critical insight.

  2. I was tempted to write a review myself, from the perspective of Jim Davis, but it occurred to me that, in all likelihood, it would consist of nothing but mad cackling over how much money these crappy movies were making him.

    And then it occurred to me, also, that Davis would probably farm out his perspective to another creative team anyway, so what was the point?

  3. Ebert’s getting soft in his old age. On this week’s episode of “Ebert & Roeper”, he not only liked the new Garfield, but also the lates The Fast & the Furious *and* The Lake House, starring esteemed Shakespearean actor Keanu Reeves and the only slightly less wooden Sondra Bullock.

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