I’m Positive That Golf Game Partner Contemplations Are Next for Mr. Asher

Levi Asher serves up a you-are-there report on John Updike and gets all giddy and fanboyish: “John Updike looks directly at me with his blazingly smart eyes, says ‘Thank you’ (I’m not sure if he is thanking me for my brilliant phrasing or because I’ve just tossed him a big fat softball) and proceeds to agree that, while the Rabbit novels are significant to him because they take place in a Pennsylvania small town like the one he grew up in, he is sorry to hear of his other novels becoming ‘passe’. He then lists a few other books he considers his best, and I am very happy and satisfied that he names my personal favorite, Couples, as well as his Scarlett Letter trilogy (Month of Sundays, Roger’s Version, S), which I haven’t read yet but will now check out.


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