1. I can’t believe liberals, most anyway, are relishing this. It reminds of the attempts to ban Huckleberry Finn and pretty much everything that is offense.

  2. Indeed. Whenever I hear or read Imus’ comments on blacks, women, Arabs, or Jews, I think of their artistry and humanity, and remark, “That’s exactly what Mark Twain would say.” Michael Savage is more of a Voltaire type.

  3. Look, nobody is trying to ban Imus or censor him. Talk radio is full of his sort of crap 24/7/365. I’m sure he can get a job at KSFO, and he is at no risk of being imprisoned or tortured. However, you can’t have senators and congressmen and other inside-the-beltway heavyweights trekking through your studio and then call college atheletes ‘nappy headed hos’ without provoking a response. In this case, the response was an ass-kicking, and I say ‘Tough shit’.

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