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All Headline News: “Sources say that George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley are going to reform Wham!.”

I’m concerned here. And it’s not just because of the period that follows the exclamation mark in that sentence, but because I’ve long referred to Ridgeley as “That Other Guy.” I’ve felt very comfortable doing this over the years and, if Wham! is to reform, then referring to him as Ridgeley is going to require a synapse I don’t feel like using, something that I’d rather use to memorize a line of poetry than another pedantic pop cultural nugget.


  1. I’ve always had respect for Ridgeley as I heard he acknowledged he was riding George’s coat tails*, so when Wham! split he retired and went off to surf in Cornwall.

    I may have to reconsider my opinion light of your news.

    * Perhaps a poor choice of words.

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