Excerpts from Amazon’s “Abs of Steel” Reviews

“I found the tape a little dated relative to the appearance of the instructor but the excercises were just great.”

“What I like most is Tamilee. I liked Abs of Steel so much, I was inspired to get another one…by Denise Austin. Big mistake…I couldn’t stand her! It made me realize that if the trainer leading the workout is annoying, forget it! I still find Tamilee charming and interesting after having watched the tape many times.”

“I would have liked to have a warm up at the beginning on each section; it is such a pain to have to rewind the tape to warm up (if you are so inclined). Tammy lee’s cuing is great and she doesn’t have an annoying condescing tone in her voice that usually accompinies most instructors.”

“The instructor is extremely fake and over enthusiastic, but it’s worth it because the results are excellent!!!!”

“Much better than the Denise Austin Hit the Spot Abs video.”

But here’s the big question: does it come in Dolby Digital 5.1?

[3/22/04 UPDATE: I see that this was an attempt to pull a Harper’s Readings sort of thing. But it also arises because I’ve spent the past four months trying to figure out exactly how to flatten my tummy. The obvious answer is to start doing sit-ups. And the thought was that getting a video, perhaps something along the lines of Abs of Steel, would be the way to do this. But the thought of Abs of Steel being right next to my Criterion edition of Wild Strawberries was ridiculous. The 34ish waistline holds, though this may change in a few months. Or at least that is my hope.]

[8/9/04 UPDATE: The 34 waistline…uh…holds. It always holds for a man over thirty.]