EXCLUSIVE: Christian Bale and David O. Russell in War of Words!

Reluctant Habits has obtained an EXCLUSIVE AUDIO CLIP of a stormy exchange between writer-director David O. Russell and actor Christian Bale on the set of “I ♥ Salvation.” It remains uncertain precisely what set the two tempestuous men off against each other, but sources at TMZ and The Hollywood Reporter indicate that it may have been bad sushi. We present the audio clip below so that readers can decide who was to blame. (Be forewarned: There is VERY NAUGHTY LANGUAGE THAT MAY HARM THE EARS OF MINORS in this clip!)

EXCLUSIVE! Christian Bale vs. David O. Russell! (Download MP3)

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  1. I don’t think that’s Russell. CNN has it that it’s the “director of photography” – Russell’s not listed in the credits at all.

  2. that’s edited together from two different conversations. bale is yelling at DP from terminator movie. obvious fake, people.

  3. This is a compilation..its a fake..Bale is yelling at a DP for walking into his scene and David is yelling at someone else, somewhere else…

  4. This is hilarious!! Christian Bale yelling at the director of photography and David O. Russell yelling at Lily Tomlin on the set of I Heart Huckabees. I bet it goes on all the time on many movie sets.

  5. I like to se DOR giving his vision in exciting new films, I´m tired of this gossiping about his hot temper! His passion is a living force. But for his own sake I hope he´s going for some therapy…it does´nt hurt anyone. For Arts sake. To make film isnt easy….

  6. Ele discutiu foi com o diretor de fotográfia do filme Terminator 4, pq ele passou na frente do Cb pra ajustar a luz bem em uma de suas cenas que exigia concentração, pela segunda vez o diretor fez isso… Na segunda ele não aguentou, e gritou com ele…

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