Facebook Censorship: “Violating Community Standards”

I have received multiple reports tonight of Facebook stifling the rights of regular citizens to report on developments related to the Coronavirus, claiming that any user who shares helpful and objectively inoffensive information is somehow “violating community standards.”

This is, in short, an obscene violation of the First Amendment — especially because the “offensive” content being shared is often reasonable. Here are some examples of how Facebook is going out of its way to prevent people from having useful discussions:

I’m personally offended by this. As a dedicated rabble-rouser who often goes out of his way to write about the ineffable and the offensive, I have somehow not been hit by this weirdass algorithm — even though I went well out of my way to publicly declare on Facebook, “Mark Zuckerberg should have his virgin tight rectum violated by a flock of lambs jacked up on Viagra. Mark Zuckerberg will never know how to find and stimulate the clitoris – even with his many billions of dollars.”

Where the hell is my violation of community standards, Mark? I feel that I’ve been left out of your censorship party!

But in all seriousness, this draconian assault on basic information sharing is a calumny against free expression and the abundant need to be honest about the place we’re now heading in. If Zuckerberg has decided to withhold information — especially information that was put together by bona-fide journalists who perform their work with objective standards — then this is, in fact, disastrous to discourse and catastrophic to understanding how the terrible flu is spreading. At the present time, it is essential for us to have the floodgates open. And since 2.5 billion people are now on Facebook trying to make sense of a terrible pandemic, then it seems condign to let them vent in any way they need to.

This patently illustrates that Facebook is very much committed to muzzling free speech and destroying our right to disseminate genuinely useful information that will help people survive rather than die. And right now, it is far more important to have people delineating what they are experiencing rather than having Facebook capitulate to the business-as-usual approach to contemporary life. This is not a time for dishonesty. It is a time for truth.

When the world returns to normal, I hope that people will remember how Zuckerberg’s smug crew gleefully silenced us when we needed to talk. I hope that everyone will remember that Facebook went out of its way to be a dance partner with fascism and to pretend that a pandemic that could kill as many as 1.7 million Americans wasn’t just some fly-by-night trend.


  1. I had the same thing happen to me!! I got screenshots also, they said a news article I shared about San Francisco lockdown, was a violation… I actually got TWO violations for it????

  2. Just got put on suspension for a comment on the Minneapolis Riots and the import of the mind set

  3. I just got banned for 30 days for bullying. My comment? “Not even remotely the same thing. You’re a fool”. The comment was in response to someone saying men that are pro-life should have mandatory vasectomies.

  4. I was just notified by FB that I have been restricted from posting for 30 days because I commented in a thread, “Kill the filibuster.” I contested the decision as my remark had been taken out of context, and four minutes later received a message that my comment had been reviewed and FB concluded that I did violate its bogus “Community Standards,” and that the case was closed.

    Getting really sick of this nonsense…

  5. Shane Martin the same thing happened to me and my friends. Some troll would start attacking us on Facebook, on pages they shouldn’t have been on and should’ve been clear they were only on them to harass people they disagreed with. The second one of us stood up to those bullies, we only said two things “who gives a crap what you think?” And on a different occasion, “get a life, troll.”
    We were banned for 24 hours and threatened with permanent bans if we “violate” again. We are peaceful and this is a first, and what’s more infuriating is we were asserting ourselves against online bullies and Facebook is punishing us for that! It’s so wrong.

  6. I had my Facebook frozen for 14 days. & all I did was ask a person to stop putting Xmas scenes up. every other text on news feed. All I said was ‘stop. Xmas is 6 months away.’ Next thing I can’t write anything on facebook for 14 days? How can that be violating standards?? I’ve never sworn on facebook. I want an apology, & my facebook restored

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