Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

So, through the magical powers of the Internet, I’ve obtained a preview of Spoon’s GAGAGAGAGA. All I can say so far is, wow. You’re in for a treat, Spoon fans. It’s fantastic. Here is the album’s cover art, courtesy of Stereogum:


The art’s from 1963, a Ugo Mulas portrait of artist Lee Bontecou. Seriously, I’m liking every song so far. (Before you ask, I can’t share it. Apologies.)


  1. Hello Stephenson.

    If a woman of a certain age were interested in asking a considerably younger man exactly what would be a good “starter” Spoon selection to download from iTunes, what would you conjecture said young man might suggest?


    Erin O’Brien
    aka Mrs. Robinson

  2. Hmm…. as your Benjamin Braddock, I recommend purchasing “I Summon You,” from GIMME FICTION, and “Me and the Bean” from GIRLS CAN TELL. “Take the Fifth” from GIRLS CAN TELL is a good starter, too—in my opinion. Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs. O’Brien?

  3. I would say that you cannot lose with any of those suggestions. My daughter is partial to “Jonathan Fisk.” I like track two from “Gimme Fiction,” the name of which I will not reproduce here in an effort to get you to look up the album and then purchase it.

    Mr. Stephenson: don’t make me beg, I need to hear the album. condalmo is my name, gmail is my game. Please spill the beans.

  4. Is it just my imagination, or have I died and gone to heaven only to find myself between two young men as they whisper song titles in my ear?

  5. What a tease. Of course it’s fantastic. It’s Spoon.

    I’ve been known to receive rapidshare or yousendit links in a gmail account with the prefix jackson909. Just thought I’d mention that.

  6. Erin: The whole of Gimme Fiction is sweeter than a six pack of Budweiser under a Cleveland semi-cloudy & 72F sunset, just sayin’.

  7. My Mathematical Mind (can see the breaks…)
    The Way We Live Now

    Supposedly, both of these were in the Will Ferrell movie “Stranger Than Fiction”. Which I haven’t seen, but they’re good choices.

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