Gerald Celente, Futurist Fraud

The crazed doom-and-gloom prophets of our world have this troubling ability to occupy the airwaves, becoming strangely confused with qualified experts. Gerald Celente is the latest soothsayer operating on his hunches — now being celebrated on Digg, Reddit, and just about every damn aggregator imaginable.

His predictions sound suspiciously similar to the storyline for Brian Francis Slattery’s excellent new novel, Liberation, but Gerald Celente, the CEO of Trends Research Institute, is determined to deliver. By 2012, Celente forecasts revolution in America, food riots, and tax rebellions. In four years, America will become an undeveloped nation. Holidays will be about food rather than gifts. Mass hysteria, dogs and cats living together. Doom and gloom.

The media — or, rather, FOX News and conservative websites — is listening to Celente because he “predicted” the 1997 currency crisis in Asia, the subprime mortgage disaster, and the dollar dipping south. But Infowars, a website run by paleoconservative radio show host Alex Jones, is basking in this dystopic news like an AIG executive riding high on Uncle Sam’s dime. What’s particularly strange is that Infowars hasn’t bothered to quibble with Celente’s statements, much less point to any of his inaccurate predictions.

How does Celente do it? From Invest in Yourself by Mark Eisenson, Gerri Detweiler, and Nancy Castleman:

According to Gerald Celente, Director of the Trends Research Institute and author of Trends 2000, the key to tracking trends is to read two newspapers every day with a purpose — either The Wall Street Journal or The Financial Times, plus The New York Times or USA Today. Look for stories with social, economic, and political significance, be it about the difficulties older suburbs face or the current currency crisis. (You’ll know by the headline or the first paragraph.) Skip the stories that are purely human interest or that are about something that hasn’t happened yet (for example, a jury resuming deliberation on a sensational trial).

When a crisis does occur, tune in to the extra in-depth analyses that you’ll find in accompanying background pieces probably in more than one of the newspapers. Read them as though you’re a “political atheist,” Celente recommends — not for what you want or hope, but for what is really going on, not only in your own profession or industry, but for trends that may directly or indirectly shape the future.

Aside from the Dale Carnegie-style language here, much of Celente’s “suggestions” seem more like a series of guidelines on how to become a successful “futurist” predicting a good deal of generalist nonsense that scares the shit out of people, using language lifted from a newspaper story’s barebones and riding on a few hunches. Of course, it also helps to have an aesthetic touch — something along the lines of a desktop covered with 12 globes, just so you can impress a New York Times reporter who comes by to write a small profile.

Since Infowars could not be bothered to perform even the most rudimentary act of journalism, the time has come to see if Celente’s record truly cuts the mustard.

  • In May 1993, in a story about fiftysomethings losing their jobs written for the Orange County Register, Celente was quoted. He was advising IBM at the time during a period of downsizing. What was Celente’s golden advice? He informed displaced executives to “go for some kind of counseling.” Asked to comment on this situation, Celente offered the same doom and gloom boilerplate that he’s telling us today: “The Industrial Age is ending. All the systems are breaking down and that means disappointment and disillusionment for the people who grew up in the ’50’s.” He elaborated, “These people believed in the Ozzie and Harriet way of life. That concept is dead. So is the concept of retiring at 65.” These were hardly prescient or specific thoughts, but they were certainly dramatic enough to make it into an Orange County newspaper.
  • Why not get topical? Let’s take Celente on a more specialized subject like restaurants. In 1993, Celente predicted “growing demands for take-out food, high- and low-end restaurants, and restaurants that offer live entertainment. Middle-range restaurants with mainstream fare will suffer.” Aside from the fact that Celente’s prediction accounts for about 90% of restaurants, doesn’t the fact that human beings need to eat remain a comfy ledge to launch a prediction?
  • In 1998, Celente told Money Magazine that, as the population grows older, “Americans will be spending more time at home than ever before both for pleasure and business.” Imagine that. You grow old, retire, and then you suddenly have more time. How the hell did Celente know?
  • In the September 21, 2000 edition of Newsweek, the great futurist weighed in on mindless chores. Why are they called mindless? “Your mind can’t be going all the time.” And when any problem becomes bigger, it becomes bigger than burnout. “It’s road rage, it’s air rage, it’s Columbine, it’s stress — and people don’t get it.” I’m wondering if it’s also the kind of impulse that will cause you to make impetuous predictions about the United States’s future.
  • Asked by CBS News in May 2005 to comment upon where Dillard’s planned to go, Celente had this to say: “There is nothing Dillard’s has that you can’t find in 1,000 other places. America is vastly overstored.” Take out “Dillard’s” and sub it in with another department store chain name, and you begin to see what little Celente’s remarks say.
  • But if we’re in for a future of doom and gloom, Celente has been sending us some mixed messages. He told the Associated Press in May 2005, “The bottom of the luxury market is not going to fall out.”
  • Talking with the Associated Press in September 2005, Celente suggested that Wal-Mart could deflect its negative image with its philanthropy. That’s hardly a stunning insight. Any positive action has the probability of causing a company to look good. This is rudimentary probability. But what profound thoughts did our great seer tell the AP? “We try to refrain from making value judgments — what the motive is. But the fact is that [Wal-Mart was] there with trailer trucks being turned away. Amazing, isn’t it?” Amazing indeed. Presumably, the AP reporter who talked with Celente did so because the reporter needed somebody to describe the situation as “amazing” or “magnificent.” Some casual modifier that might be confused for profound thought.
  • Celente was asked to weigh in on Internet trends by the San Francisco Chronicle‘s Patricia Yollin in December 2006. “People are more electronically connected and less humanly connected,” opined our great psychic. And if that general piece of advice wasn’t enough, Celente also took the time to badmouth public displays of affection, pointing out how unacceptable it was to put PDA in “techno jargon.” Perhaps Celente confused PDA with another type of PDA, but what he didn’t seem to tell the reporter was that acronyms have existed long before the Internet.

Here you have a history of a man who not only makes his living spouting this generalist nonsense at corporations, but who is listened to by the media. If we weren’t all scared shitless, this wingnut would be chased out of boardrooms and newsrooms with pitchforks.

But who needs rational thinking when you have the comforts of defeatism? If you really want to get your dose of passive-aggressive dystopia, just call up Gerald Celente. He’s on Line 2 and he’ll take your money when you have no faith in humanity or when you don’t have a clue about how to do your job. Have him rant in your newspaper. Give him money to advise your corporation. Above all, don’t look at history, science, or specific statistics. Because Celente will boil them all down for you with one of his seemingly pithy and mysterious predictions. And he’ll be right. Because like a trusted astrology columnist or a two-bit faith healer, Celente leaves just enough room in his answer to wiggle out. And you swallow it every time. Because you’re too scared to think for yourself, or do a background check on the guy in the lobby waving his arms.


  1. came upon this searching for some commentary about celente’s efficacy. rather strange article. i have to agree with the majority of the rest. It isn’t a matter of predicting exact events, but of determining which, of numerous trend possibilities or potentialities are the likeliest to persevere. You really have missed the point. Doom sayers that walk around with signs that read “The world will end tomorrow” are one thing. This is an attempt to garner from public information how the public is leaning. He has a talent for this and under the circumstances has been remarkably accurate in his prognostications. You have done nothing to dissuade me from reading him or considering his comments and I consider myself to be a fairly critical analyst of media reporting. Poor job, all the way around. And I guess we’ll see what happens this next 14 months, won’t we?

  2. ok it is like this you all. Yes Gerald Celente is a great forecaster who seems to show the dark truths about what is really going on economically and politically. Yes he knows EXACTLY what he is talking about.

    But do most of you even know why?

    It is because he is FUNDED BY “THEM” HE IS A SHILL PEOPLE.

    Gerald Celente has been on all mainstream news, just look at his trendsforecast website and look all on the left side of how he is very mainstream. You don’t get onto mainstream media for economical and political talk unless you have been funded, bought off, or or being directly/indirectly controlled by “them”

    “They” love sending their henchmen onto T.V. every now and then and giving a dose of reality, don’t they?

    Notice how there is always some “hero” who tells it like it is, catches on the emotions of the people and pretends to stand behind them, and say just what you want to hear? – that they are all bad guys, the media is fake and paid for, there lying about the war, and so on and so on…and all of a sudden everyone is like – “wow if only we could get that guy into office somewhere”……..


    SHILLS – Alex Jones, Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, and so many more…..

    WAKE UP, None of these people on your T.V. are going to save you or your country, and they provide you with no real answers on how to really save you or your country. They are there to steer you into another trap while giving the illusion that they are “genuinely” against big government and the media propaganda. When in fact, they are just part of the propaganda machine.

    You want to know how to save the world and all the people of the world?????



    You do not hear ANY ONE on your T.V. telling you that, DO YOU? NO you dont,

    and now you know why. 🙂 unless your still a sheep :O

  3. Mr. Champion’s article is hilarious..unlike his videos which are..well..the kind you might expect from a high school overachiever.

    Gerald Celente is one of the more blunt, caustic voices in the financial media. He’s had the incredible “up ours” fraud of the bank bailout pegged from day one..and his reading of the unfolding garbage we are and will be facing is accurate and very likely an accurate preview of coming attractions.

    When’s the last time Mr. Champion analyzed a complex situation and stuck his neck out with a candid appraisal of how it will affect our future? Sorry..2 minute interviews about Yiddish Yoga don’t count.

  4. The national debt has grown at 9.4% (on average) since 1970. This puts the national debt to be on course for hitting 33 trillion dollars in 2020.

    Last year, the national debt grew by 13.87.%, not 9.4%. So, if we reduce our budget deficit (Obama thinks he can reduce it by 400 billion in 2 years) and our next president (whoever he might be) further reduces it, maybe it will only be 30 trillion IF our government really tightens it’s belt.

    The math isn’t hard to do and it’s inescapable. The Federal Reserve now owns more Treasury Bills than China does and they managed to do this in 2 years. China has been buying Treasury Bills for 20 years.

    Celente sounds crazy, but he’s just doing very simple math. This forecast is something everybody that got past 8th grade math should be able to do. It takes only about 7 years to double our national debt. It’s not rocket science. People were just as complacent about the stock market in 1999 and the housing market in 2005, these crackups were EASY to see.

    You know, who cares if you take his advice or think he’s a nut? You’re the one that is digging your own grave. We’re headed for tough times, and it’s as obvious as the housing market bubble was or the dot com bubble. Let me tell you, we’re in a bubble right now, a monetary bubble. The dollar is vastly over-valued and it’s been that way for a long time.

    Gold is going to hit $10,000, but 10 K may not be worth a whole lot when it does. Think I’m nuts? Fine. Good luck.

  5. i am very curious toi see what you people have to say after celente’s prognostications so far this year?…,the man is a living oracle…to doubt him at this point is insanity.

  6. these comments are full of shills.

    have you ever looked at celente’s site on

  7. It’s March, 2011. Gas is hitting $5, record rise in food prices, revolution the world over.

    I wonder how many of the nay sayers here are will to come back and eat crow?

  8. All of them. Celente predicted food riots in the United States and the collapse of the nation within the year _2009_. Also, Gas prices have quite a bit to go before the reach “record highs”. 5 to 7 dollars a gallon is pretty much the norm over in Europe, and has been for about a decade–They’re doing fine last I checked. Norway even has 14 dollars a gallon. Yeah, it sucks, but it’s not gonna destroy gravity.
    Celente is just like Peter Schiff — you predict gloom and doom ceaselessly, and whenever Bad Stuff _does_ happen(which it tends to do, as a matter of eventuality), you leap on it and yell “Told YA SO!”

  9. I predict gas prices will hit $10 a gallon the end of 2011 or beginning of 2012 in the US. A major earthquake on the west coast most likely California or Washington State will happen before the end of 2012. I predict unemployment will get better and then worse again. I predict record numbers of people dying from natural disasters world wide in 2012. A record number of business’ closing shop in 2012. I predict

  10. Nice article… for 2008. You may wish to re-write it though considering that Mr. Celente has been right about a lot of “important things”. Your article discusses fairly innocuous statements that have very little bearing on the big picture. Are you advocating that one cannot be wrong every now and again? Having the balls to make predications is one thing – standing on the side lines and criticising is another. This is a one sided article. I don’t give shit if Gerald is gay, likes golf, pays his taxes, votes or not, or likes watching trains on his spare time… It’s the substance of his predications. I’d agree with you on the part of him spewing forth a lot of doom and gloom though, but there is no point painting an ugly picture to make it seem more palatable for those that might be over sensitive. The world has never been in such a state of flux. The levels of corruption and greed have grown to such intolerable heights that our governments, corporations and banking cartels are running madly amok… As far as I am concerned, anyone that points this out, however they do it, is doing the rest of us a favour. Rosy tinted or not. Time to wake up my friend unless you are batting for the other side.

  11. Celente is a cultural treasure. Edward Champion is frustrated and jealous
    because he is nobody’s hero; just a stupid, jealous guy with no righteous indignation. I can’t imagine what kind of rosy bullshit he might want us
    to believe about nuclear power even after the Japan catastrophe. Champion
    sounds like Rush.

  12. Gerald celente has been syaing the same crap over and over since 2008 .
    Nothing happend . People don’t care about food prices , gas prices , taxes …etc.
    All peoples care about is sports . american idol , dancing with the stars .
    Europe is not like America. They go to the streets and they protest .
    They have balls .
    Gerald also said …( well it’s not only going on in Greece in going on world wide )
    What world wide…what the hell is he talking about ???
    Nothing is happening . People are still leaving . I am getting sick and tired of this guy and Alex Jones .

  13. People don’t care about food prices, gas prices, etc… until the shit *REALLY* hits the fan. And that’s why his predictions for 2012 are not so absurd. The FED’s dollar-shower will make things much worse.
    Oh, and Peter Schiff didn’t predict anything out of his ass. He specifically told everyone why the things would get worse.

  14. Until the shit really hits the fan?? The Fucking unemployment rate is rising along with
    the 13.7 million peolpe that have no jobs . That’s not enough !!!!
    Oh…that’s ok ….they killed Bin Landen . Americans can feel safe now according to Obama!! You fucking stupid Americans…….you actually believe the that fucking idiot
    president of yours !!! If you people had any balls….you woudn’t believe a fucking word they say . You people are more concerned about the nfl lockout . If gerald Celente predicts a riot…it all depends on the people . From what i see…americans are sleeping
    with there heads up there ass !!!

  15. nice article, really good grammer. i wish i had good grammer. good grammer is needed when there is criticism involved, like in this case. the fact of the matter is, as far as i’m concerned, celente is not a futurist or a predictor at all. he is forecasting trends. and trends are telling him exactly what he is telling the masses. you think?
    sometimes trends take hold and other times they do not. but! one thing thats really true is that since nixon, we went from one earner household to two, or three. china becoming our factory and warehouse for cheap goods. now! we are in a corner, looking for a way out, a way to continue this cycle. any ideas anybody? anybody?
    how about you author and critic of the doomsdayer? do you have any predictions?

  16. First of all ….Gerald Celente had a few prediccionnes that were way off .
    Alex jones is a fucking looser that exaggerates over everything .
    I have been listening to this guys for over 5 years and i don’t see anything going on .
    Is there any riots in the us ??? Is there any people in front of the white house protesting ? No nothing .

  17. I predict we will all die someday, except the indestructible Rupert Murdoch, Warren Buffet, George Bush Sr., and roaches.

  18. All i can say about the us goverrment….just shut it down and go bankrupt and call it a day !! GET IT OVER WITH !!!!

  19. government propaganda site to keep people from seeing that GERALD IS RIGHT
    co intel pro

    911weknow com
    henrymakow com
    ohcanadamovie com
    youmespp com

  20. Dont hate on Celente. The movie “The Matrix” told you a decade ago; you are a SLAVE. You have had no idea until recently. And nothing you do seems to help you battle your financial situation. WE ARE CAUGHT UNDERFOOT! Prepare yourselves.

  21. Hey !!!! Are you fucking stupid Americans going to vote again ???
    Haven’t you idiots learned anything yet ???
    Save your fucking vote !!!! All this politicians do.. is feeding you people the bullshit and you fucking boneheads fall for it every year . Take a lesson from Europeans . they have the balls to protest .

    Haaaa what’s the point …you people fall for everything . Enjoy getting fucked again !!


  22. People can choose whatever future they want to envision.

    Forget all the prognosticators, forget the fear mongers, such as Gerald Celente, who has built himself an empire on fear of the unknown future.

    This is a simple lesson but billions of people are psychological slaves.

    Not fear but fact. We are driven by our own bad choices. Like it or not.

    On the other hand – Choose right and it doesn’t matter what happens “out there.”

    Turn off the noise of the crowd. YOU choose.

  23. Gerald Celente said …US is on the verge to collapse . How long has he been singing that song . On the verge…what in 5, 10 years .
    He is predicting riots too .I don’t see anyting !!! The only thing i notice is people getting reday for the NFL and supporting Ron Paul . The same people that were supporting Obama . Try and figure taht one out!!!

  24. Gerald Celente is an uneducated douchebag. Anybody can write a book these days it doesn’t mean crap. What makes him popular is that he is entertaining to watch. He has been wrong on more than one occasion but people just ignore those times because he entertains them just like AJ. People are obsessed with celebrities that’s how Obama got elected in the first place. He is right about one thing. American’s are stupid for listening to this guy. He called people who join the military losers. And AJ had him on his show. AJ is such a f–king hypocrite and ass kisser. One minute he’s praising the troops the next he catering to this douchebag.

  25. So….Obama gave a speech today in Detroit
    about the jobs and all that bla bla bla bullshit . But what i notice…is those bunch of fucking idiots supporting
    a guy who is digging Americas grave.
    Not only that…they were cheering ..4 more years, 4 more 4 years !!! Now i understand why Cnn did a report on how stupid Americans are . Why the fuck do peoples waste there time following those fucking politiciants campaign and listening to there bullshit speeches ??

  26. Nick,

    1st – How do I defect to Montreal
    2nd – Everyone I know here in the US that agrees with you and I is too busy being a wage slave, busting their axx 12-16 hours a day to go protest.
    3rd – based upon 2 above, what other ideas do you have?

  27. Get those other peoples to join you guys to
    protest. The ones that are distrated by sports , american idol , and those fucking tv reality shows bullshit . Every American should take out there money and let the banks go fuck themselves . AND STOP SUPPORTING POLITICIANTS !!!

  28. hey Nick I am a fellow Canadian If you actually are in Montreal. I wish I could see things from your prospective but I can’t get my head that far up my ass.

  29. To the author, Edward Champion, if your article was supposed to cause disheartening of Gerald Celente’s predictions it failed. You sought out peripheral items to critique completely ignoring the major trends that were predicted rather accurately, most notably, gold’s meteoric rise (Gerald called gold to $2000 when it was only $245 an oz – VERY few analysts got that one right), mortgage meltdown, etc… Obviously, many prominent and wealthy “professional” financial planners, CEOs, Analysts, etc at the big banks did not prognosticate as well as Celente and their companies paid the ultimate price (or had to be bailed out). To those who said Gerald Celente was wrong about protests, Time Magazine’s person of the year is a protester. Combine the BEST of Bernake, Paulson and Greenspan’s predictions and I bet Celente has a better track record.

  30. What I find interesting is the number of people on here calling other people idiots. Seems idiocy is only temporary for the name caller, then, to his good fortune, is soon included by the next person commenting. There seems to be a trend toward greater bravery when hiding anonymously behind a faceless Internet ID. Other than that, I do not see much of merit here.

  31. I find it very interesting that previouse comments make mention of no rioting, well it seems Celente was correct on that one too, your current debt is 105% of your GDP, your are in trouble. Celente has been correct about the big ticket items, this article has highlight some insignificant points, I want the 2 minutes fo my life it took to read this back.

  32. Dont worry!! Everything is all right.
    This crisis is just a itty bitty wittle dip 🙂
    Lets all go to sleep now, or better still, watch MTV, Bones or sports.

    “To he that be so stupid so as to be decieved, let him”

  33. Bla bla bla…economy this economy that… US is going to collapse …bullshit!!
    Were is the collapse . I’v been hearing the same shit over and over . All i see is every week 80 000 peoples are going to football games. Shopping Centers are full . Ya…we are heading for a depression !
    Gerald Celente has i head up his ass !! That’s why he is always talking shit .
    His predictions are a fucking joke .

  34. One thing is certain is the political system in this Country is broken both sides are busy pointing fingers at the other and is only interested in getting re elected. They don’t want to give in to the other side even if it could help fix the national debt. Republicans don’t want to tax the Rich and the Democrats won’t give in on entitlements. So we will
    All have to pay with a lower standard of living created by Federal Reserve and this two party system. Like it or not that’s the way it is.

  35. One big problem is the audience wants to answer all the questions now. All the top tier smart folks that brought an intelligent and high bar setting and critical thinking audience all died of AIDS in the late 80’s.

    Yeah I know it sounds weird but those gay intellectuals were very smart

  36. 34 000 thousand peolpes twitted on Angelina
    Jolie leg . Thats 34 000 thousand stupid Americans . What the FUCK is this world coming to ?

  37. I think the Occupy movement might count as riots everywhere.
    I know it was a complete mess here, and a lot bigger than ANY news outlet reported.
    We needed to deploy 500 riot cops, tear gas and rubber bullets to shut it down.

  38. Gerald is full of cheezewhiz. His “predictions” are nothing more than following simple trends in current events with a nice dose of his own interpreations.
    Case in point, he keeps sating the economic crash will happen in 2011 but when it did not come to be, he stated who’d would’ve guessed they’ll print money to prolong the crash?? This is the same guy who says goverments print money worth less than the paper is wortg?

  39. Lets see here…before obama got elected,everybody was cheering for this guy.
    Obama the savior!
    Obama will bring change!
    Thank you Mrs Obama!
    Now those same peoples are calling him a liar. Now they are cheering for Sarah Palin.
    Help Sarah help!!!
    Correct me if im wrong…but doesn’t she have a reality tv show?
    When the fuck these stupid Americans are gonna learned? These politicians don’t give a flying FUCK about nobody !!!Stop cheering like idiots for these hypocrittes !! They get elected and they make over 150 000$ a year for giving bullshit speeches.
    It’s amazing how Americans are so naive and believe every shit word they say.
    The US debt will never be paid off.
    It dosn’t matter who gets elected.
    The only way to pay it is bankruptcy .
    So wake the FUCK UP !!!

  40. I’ve read and heard Celente daily for the last two years and sick of his daily rants. Most of what he says hasn’t happened since this article was written in 2008. About 20% of what he says is right on. The rest is the kind of hysteria I tire of hearing and reading. These people (AJ etc) make a living by scaring the shit out of people.

  41. Gerald Celente may be wrong about a lot of things,,
    who isn’t?
    i find the scathing article out of touch with reality.
    From someone who has other agendas..
    Celente makes sense of the insanity involved in financial corruption from top to bottom..i know for a fact, Peace,
    would go a long way in our world of finance and crisis oriented policy making.Also His take on the FED is spot on..among other points Gerald espouses..He has the Balls to say what He thinks..surprisingly,,a 50% accurate rate is better than 100% corrupt..

  42. The thing that I noticed about Gerald Celente is he is able to say “I predicted that” for example by predicting war.
    Then when a shot is fired no matter how insignificant he then describes the event as “war” that he predicted. One bank closes Celente got his bank failures. Some of his comments are reasonable and I agree with some of what he says but his predictions allow alot of wiggle room for general highly probable events filling the prediction.

  43. Agree with “new world order discussion” comments totally about ALex Jones and Gerald Celente being shills. Only decided to watch one of their “news stories” recently mainly about the situation in Cyprus. While there is lots of factual info and likely predictions of future scenarios, the 1hr long segement is essentially an info-mercial for client, Midas Resources. They continually frighten the bejesus out of people that their money isn’t safe (it probably isn’t) and they should invest in silver and gold (maybe good idea although very high at the moment- reminds me of any bubble (property, etc). ANd not only buy precious metals but buy them from midas resources. Smells a bit fishy really. Besides Gerald Celente looks like Paulie from The Sopranos.

  44. HEY Gerald !!!!!When is the economie going to collapse you fucking BROKEN RECORD ? You have been saying that for the last 5 FUCKING YEARS !!!! THE US DOLLAR , MARTIAL LAW ,FOOT RIOTS ACROSS THE US!!!! ALL OVER THE WORLD !!! You and alex jones are a couples fucking parrots that that keep thalking SHIT !!!!!

  45. NICE !!!! They reached a deal !!! Keep raising the deabt ceiling !!!! FUCKIN STUPID AMERICANS !!! FUCKING DEMOCRATS AND FUCKING REPUBLICANS same fucking shit !!!! OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA!!!! WHEN THE FUCK ARE YOU FUCKING idiots going to wake the fuck up ????? BUT i guess what more important is the NFL…or what fucking phone are they coming out whit….or hollywood gossip !!! Who’s fucking who!!! Oeven better twitter !!!!! Ya twitter !!! Twitt my ass !!!Get a fucking life !!! Don’t joined the few peoples who maybe what 30% of them who know what’s going on… keep watching your fucking dancing whit the stars and American idol and go cheer on your fucking overpaid baseball players who don’t give a flying good fuck about you !!!!

  46. Edward you fuccccking moron, I bet you thought in Novemeber 2008 that everything will be just fucking fine. Ha

  47. whoever said they pay 5-7 dollars/gal of gas in europe, read your statement until you realize what a fool you’ve made of yourself. thnx

  48. Hello: being from Saratoga NY I know from where our Nation began and who shaped the future from their wills.

    How trends are created, pushed, caused by the will of one or many individuals.

    I enjoy your work.
    Thank you

  49. you are drinking your own KoolAid, and that’s good. Celente’s saying, among many, is think for yourself. this to me is a symptom of a massive problem within the United States and for that matter, within the Western countries. yes, he throws in a lot of personal opinion on top of what he predicts, but it’s important to note, he very bluntly claims to be a trends forecaster, not a predictor. you wanna try to do what he does? read a history book. read several. read all of the mainstream news, and then read their editorials. READ AND THEN THINK. i defend Celente insofar as he does both of these things. his general forecasts are NOT etched in stone. at least he diverges from the brain damage running amok throughout the United States and speaks up.

  50. I love Alex Jones, but for the life of me, I can’t understand why he gives this fake dego wop charlatan airtime. So many of this guy’s forecasts were absolute rubbish. I want to smash Clemente’s brains against the walls with a sledge hammer every time I hear his phony “soprano” puerile school boy act. Please shut up you imbecile. What a complete piece of trash this loser Clemente is.

  51. Gerald Celente said in 2008 that by 2012 America will become an undeveloped nation, that there will be a revolution marked by food riots, squatter rebellions, tax revolts and job marches, and that holidays will be more about obtaining food, not gifts.
    “We’re going to see the end of the retail Christmas….we’re going to see a fundamental shift take place….putting food on the table is going to be more important that putting gifts under the Christmas tree,” said Celente, adding that the situation would be “worse than the great depression”.

    How could an expert be so wrong? Or was he just off by 10 years?

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