Gerald Celente, Futurist Fraud

The crazed doom-and-gloom prophets of our world have this troubling ability to occupy the airwaves, becoming strangely confused with qualified experts. Gerald Celente is the latest soothsayer operating on his hunches — now being celebrated on Digg, Reddit, and just about every damn aggregator imaginable.

His predictions sound suspiciously similar to the storyline for Brian Francis Slattery’s excellent new novel, Liberation, but Gerald Celente, the CEO of Trends Research Institute, is determined to deliver. By 2012, Celente forecasts revolution in America, food riots, and tax rebellions. In four years, America will become an undeveloped nation. Holidays will be about food rather than gifts. Mass hysteria, dogs and cats living together. Doom and gloom.

The media — or, rather, FOX News and conservative websites — is listening to Celente because he “predicted” the 1997 currency crisis in Asia, the subprime mortgage disaster, and the dollar dipping south. But Infowars, a website run by paleoconservative radio show host Alex Jones, is basking in this dystopic news like an AIG executive riding high on Uncle Sam’s dime. What’s particularly strange is that Infowars hasn’t bothered to quibble with Celente’s statements, much less point to any of his inaccurate predictions.

How does Celente do it? From Invest in Yourself by Mark Eisenson, Gerri Detweiler, and Nancy Castleman:

According to Gerald Celente, Director of the Trends Research Institute and author of Trends 2000, the key to tracking trends is to read two newspapers every day with a purpose — either The Wall Street Journal or The Financial Times, plus The New York Times or USA Today. Look for stories with social, economic, and political significance, be it about the difficulties older suburbs face or the current currency crisis. (You’ll know by the headline or the first paragraph.) Skip the stories that are purely human interest or that are about something that hasn’t happened yet (for example, a jury resuming deliberation on a sensational trial).

When a crisis does occur, tune in to the extra in-depth analyses that you’ll find in accompanying background pieces probably in more than one of the newspapers. Read them as though you’re a “political atheist,” Celente recommends — not for what you want or hope, but for what is really going on, not only in your own profession or industry, but for trends that may directly or indirectly shape the future.

Aside from the Dale Carnegie-style language here, much of Celente’s “suggestions” seem more like a series of guidelines on how to become a successful “futurist” predicting a good deal of generalist nonsense that scares the shit out of people, using language lifted from a newspaper story’s barebones and riding on a few hunches. Of course, it also helps to have an aesthetic touch — something along the lines of a desktop covered with 12 globes, just so you can impress a New York Times reporter who comes by to write a small profile.

Since Infowars could not be bothered to perform even the most rudimentary act of journalism, the time has come to see if Celente’s record truly cuts the mustard.

  • In May 1993, in a story about fiftysomethings losing their jobs written for the Orange County Register, Celente was quoted. He was advising IBM at the time during a period of downsizing. What was Celente’s golden advice? He informed displaced executives to “go for some kind of counseling.” Asked to comment on this situation, Celente offered the same doom and gloom boilerplate that he’s telling us today: “The Industrial Age is ending. All the systems are breaking down and that means disappointment and disillusionment for the people who grew up in the ’50’s.” He elaborated, “These people believed in the Ozzie and Harriet way of life. That concept is dead. So is the concept of retiring at 65.” These were hardly prescient or specific thoughts, but they were certainly dramatic enough to make it into an Orange County newspaper.
  • Why not get topical? Let’s take Celente on a more specialized subject like restaurants. In 1993, Celente predicted “growing demands for take-out food, high- and low-end restaurants, and restaurants that offer live entertainment. Middle-range restaurants with mainstream fare will suffer.” Aside from the fact that Celente’s prediction accounts for about 90% of restaurants, doesn’t the fact that human beings need to eat remain a comfy ledge to launch a prediction?
  • In 1998, Celente told Money Magazine that, as the population grows older, “Americans will be spending more time at home than ever before both for pleasure and business.” Imagine that. You grow old, retire, and then you suddenly have more time. How the hell did Celente know?
  • In the September 21, 2000 edition of Newsweek, the great futurist weighed in on mindless chores. Why are they called mindless? “Your mind can’t be going all the time.” And when any problem becomes bigger, it becomes bigger than burnout. “It’s road rage, it’s air rage, it’s Columbine, it’s stress — and people don’t get it.” I’m wondering if it’s also the kind of impulse that will cause you to make impetuous predictions about the United States’s future.
  • Asked by CBS News in May 2005 to comment upon where Dillard’s planned to go, Celente had this to say: “There is nothing Dillard’s has that you can’t find in 1,000 other places. America is vastly overstored.” Take out “Dillard’s” and sub it in with another department store chain name, and you begin to see what little Celente’s remarks say.
  • But if we’re in for a future of doom and gloom, Celente has been sending us some mixed messages. He told the Associated Press in May 2005, “The bottom of the luxury market is not going to fall out.”
  • Talking with the Associated Press in September 2005, Celente suggested that Wal-Mart could deflect its negative image with its philanthropy. That’s hardly a stunning insight. Any positive action has the probability of causing a company to look good. This is rudimentary probability. But what profound thoughts did our great seer tell the AP? “We try to refrain from making value judgments — what the motive is. But the fact is that [Wal-Mart was] there with trailer trucks being turned away. Amazing, isn’t it?” Amazing indeed. Presumably, the AP reporter who talked with Celente did so because the reporter needed somebody to describe the situation as “amazing” or “magnificent.” Some casual modifier that might be confused for profound thought.
  • Celente was asked to weigh in on Internet trends by the San Francisco Chronicle‘s Patricia Yollin in December 2006. “People are more electronically connected and less humanly connected,” opined our great psychic. And if that general piece of advice wasn’t enough, Celente also took the time to badmouth public displays of affection, pointing out how unacceptable it was to put PDA in “techno jargon.” Perhaps Celente confused PDA with another type of PDA, but what he didn’t seem to tell the reporter was that acronyms have existed long before the Internet.

Here you have a history of a man who not only makes his living spouting this generalist nonsense at corporations, but who is listened to by the media. If we weren’t all scared shitless, this wingnut would be chased out of boardrooms and newsrooms with pitchforks.

But who needs rational thinking when you have the comforts of defeatism? If you really want to get your dose of passive-aggressive dystopia, just call up Gerald Celente. He’s on Line 2 and he’ll take your money when you have no faith in humanity or when you don’t have a clue about how to do your job. Have him rant in your newspaper. Give him money to advise your corporation. Above all, don’t look at history, science, or specific statistics. Because Celente will boil them all down for you with one of his seemingly pithy and mysterious predictions. And he’ll be right. Because like a trusted astrology columnist or a two-bit faith healer, Celente leaves just enough room in his answer to wiggle out. And you swallow it every time. Because you’re too scared to think for yourself, or do a background check on the guy in the lobby waving his arms.


  1. Is that all you’ve got? How about listing a long list of his misses? Don’t have one? Then nit pick some insignificant misses, now you have the basis for an attack article. Pathetic. I am no crazy that thinks aliens are using mind control, but I do keep my eyes open. Celente has a LONG list of HUGE hits in his forecasting career. If you don’t give him credit for those in your article, you automatically lose credibility. What is amazing is NOBODY says ANYTHING about the guys in charge like BEN BERNANKE!! Listen to him on you tube with his condescending tone to Maria Bartoromo, ‘well Maria, I guess I don’t accept your initial premise, we don’t expect home prices to fall, they may stabilize’. This comment in response to her question about some economist being concerned about the effects of a fall in housing prices on the economy if that occurred. On CNBC they are constantly cheering stocks along and whenever they get somebody on that called the collapse like Peter Schiff guess what happens. They still laugh at him EVEN after he was proven right, they cut him off and turn to a “BULL” analyst to cheer with them for various stocks. I ran across news clips on You Tube from various local news agencies around the country reporting about TENT CITIES popping up all over the country! The astounding thing is I watch the news on TV all the time and I had not heard ANYTHING about it !! Even Oprah covered it last FEBRUARY (found on you tube of course) for Christs sake ! They make sure we get all the dirty details of Michael Jacksons death and any other scandalous bit of trash news they can dig up but they DONT cover this? There should be continuous updates on this. Do you think that MAYBE some people have a vested interest in skewing the news ????

  2. I think the Author has an issue with Celente. Celente’s “predictions are based on trends.. not tea leaves, not tree rings. He gathers his info from real time sources, and predicts based on the well travel path that society has been travelling down. It’s not to hard to figure out that printing money and spending money you don’t have will lead to disaster. The ignorance of the public to recognize the obvious means some of his reporting may be a given. That said, Gerald celente has made some predictions that some people may see as obvious , but to the ignorant general public may seem like a revelation.

    One thing is certain, when he says we are headed for disaster, it ain’t based on anything new, it’s based on 40 yrs of spending money we don’t have.

  3. Mr. Champion,
    heres a futurist prediction JUST FOR YOU!
    everything is going GREAT and will be BETTER SOON.there is plenty of HOPE.
    we just need to STAY THE COURSE!
    just keep wishing hard and say “go team”

    ……lets see your accurate analysis over the last 30 years. If you cannot produce it you are irrelevant!

  4. As an Ex-IBM employee from the 90’s, what Gerald Celente predicted then, DID COME TRUE. I do not know one IBM executive or even upper level management person that ever recovered from the downsizing then.

    Whether you like it or not, this nation is doomed in it’s present form. There will be revolts, and probably revolution. There is no mathmatical solution available to the the debt to income asset problem we are facing.

    Listen up, the dollar will collapse, the nation will revolt, and we will have to rebuild over many years.
    Anyone who does not believe or face this fact, is either in denial, or, an employee of the federal reserve.

  5. It would be nice to think you are right and Mr. Celente is wrong. Sorry bro, but nice try to make yourself look intelligent! All the pieces have been laid out like a dam puzzle. We are in very bad trouble.
    YOUTUBE; Zeitguist and The Obama deception…the pieces all fit. The movies have been edited, but they still have enough information. All this time has passed since they were made… look at the times today. They are no longer conspiracy theories…they are becoming facts daily. Until the unthinkable happens (and its coming) most will not believe. How bad is it going to be….is the question. how long before we starve to death. Don’t fricken tell us everything is okay. Some of us are now living in hell…..our production base has been removed one piece at a time. so you people living in happy land watch out if you really don’t know the truth….we a real people are here barely breathing in suburbs of Detroit. We watched shop after shop go away one way or another..if you do not live in a lower society setting…you may not know the truth. We the workers of the lower end have already seen the blood and death here.. so nice try Mr. Ed. Show me a angle Mr. Celente has to profit from fear. It all boils down to the towers….do you think they went poof over the planes hitting them? have a great life. baaaaaaah

  6. I am amazed you spent the time writing the article you did. Out of the 200 some responses you gotten – many from first-hand witnesses like the former IBM employee – almost all disagree with you.

    Either I am missing something or you are.

    I think you are missing something, not me.

    As we march onward with Obama’s fascism (defined as government ownership of production and finance) and multi-trillion budget over-runs, there is no way except national bankruptcy and purges to right the ship of state of the USA.

  7. When I first started reading your article regarding Celente, I was hoping you were going to expose him as a fraud. Instead your strongest critique is that on many occasions Mr. Celente simply states the obvious. How does that make him a fraud?

    You see I want Obama to succeed, and more importantly I want our nation to succeed. So I was hoping you dug up some articles about Mr. Celente in which he got it wrong more often than not.

    But you didn’t do that. You couldn’t prove him wrong with the facts, so you just decided to call him names, and make fun of him. We already have a Steven Colbert for that. Better luck next time I guess.

  8. Guess you have egg on your face. Your lack of economic knowledge is outlandish or are you whoring for establishment?

  9. This was the worst article and portrayal of gerald celente being wrong. Come on man u coulda done better than that u retard.

  10. Just one question: Who paid you to write this thin, whiny smear piece on Celente?

    Actually, two questions…how does his track record compare to the politicians and mainstream economists who have been selling us the “everything is going to get better soon…” scenarios?

    Shame on you!

  11. You posted this article on Nov. 13, 2008. Almost a year later, ask yourself where are we headed now?
    I use to laugh at the doom & gloom crowd, but I am starting to lean toward the “second wave’ is yet to come theory.

  12. Arielle, you hit this nail right on its head! This article has no merit and makes no sense at all!

    Whoever you are you were reaching real deep to find something wrong with this guy and you failed miserably!

  13. Obama is a passing fad,don’t be an “Obamaton”.

    When the love affair is over,you won’t want anything more than to wash his,and his administrations stink off of yourself.

  14. It doesn’t take a psychic or a fortune teller to see what is happening to our great nation, just a little common sense. I highly respect the opinions of Catherine Austin Fitts, Gerald Celente and Glenn Beck. I am hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

  15. Your so-called “fraud futurist” also predicted Barach H.Obama elected as president after the economy crashed in 2008. How accurate was he–Mr. Champion? Gerald Celente rocks.

  16. Yes, everything’s coming up roses. I should ignore the present state of decline our Country is in and just keep my head in the sand and pretend our Country is not in DEEP trouble. I don’t need Gerald Celente to tell me that, although there is an “ignorant breed” out there that will ignore the “approaching storm” on the horizon. I am glad that there are people who are informing people to prepare. Gerald Celente is among many and I am thankful to him and others.
    The truth of the matter is: the big boys in charge want to control every aspect of our very basic human needs such as: Water, energy, health care, and even food. They want to run our lives. So, go ahead and bash Celente and say he’s a doom and gloomer. At least he’s man enough to speak the truth.

  17. Oh, and by the way; a real man would apologize for saying something against another man that isn’t true. Guess you won’t be doing that huh?

  18. Some Celente forecasts for 2010:

    -US Dollar Currency Crisis around the first quarter of 2010
    -Possible attacks on middle east oil pipelines
    -The rise of micro-farming (though this will be more prevalent closer to 2012)
    -Christmas Crash in Q1 2010 (or sooner) resulting from poor retail sales during the 2009 holiday season

    SHTF Mac

  19. we should be afraid for gods sake

    YOUR A IDIOT you dont have to be gerald celente to know this stuff is happening
    look up marc farber how about JIM ROGERS
    a billionaire who says the same thing
    and if you want to talk about alex jones
    and infowars why dont you have the balls to go down there and talk to him on his show

    america is DOOMED climate change is a lie
    look up LORD Monckton and listen to the man
    he worked for margaret thatcher

    infowars is not perfect BUT NEITHER ARE YOU BUDDY
    some woman put on her what good does it do to fear LET ME TELL YOU lady
    if germans would have feared hilter it never would have happened
    when the retail numbers come out after christmas HERES A FUTURE TREND FOR YOU
    and the government will start saying A DOUBLE DIP RECESSION BULLCRAP
    america is in a depression and its only going to get worse

    AMERICA The selfish deserves everydam thing thats going to happen to her
    abort (murder) your babies
    and spread gay lies and porn to far away lands
    and believe the stupid lying government
    and what do you get? POVERTY and slavery to a system that paid
    IDIOTS ON wallstreet ONE HUNDRED MILLION dollar bonuses FOR ONE PERSON
    wake up


    OBAMA IS A LIAR and so was bush
    end the fed read ron pauls book
    and get a education for yourself against the new world order
    quit believing your lying relgious leaders
    they are full of shit
    read your own bible JESUS IS GOD

    wake up

  20. Wow. Robert. It’s unfortunate that you are so angry. I agree with a lot of what you said but don’t you think it’s a bit foolish to think everything and everyone around you is a conspiracy? Jesus is God and he is love. Don’t forget that. It’s very clear in Scripture. You’re not going to change any hearts or minds by condemning everyone around you but yourself. Get a bit more constructive. Let’s look for solutions. We’re all in this together.

  21. To Every Action There Will Be An Equal But Opposite Reaction.

    A capitalist society will nurture greed….the opposite will be poverty….. look what’s about to happen in Dubai. Would you invest there?

    Climate change is happening, but man has little impact on ‘changing’ it. The heaviest ‘one day’ rainfall ever on record happened last week in Britain.

    US GDP ‘growth’ in the last quarter?…. How much of the ‘growth’ was fiscal stimulus?
    Yes car sales are up…..but didn’t the taxpayer fund the increase in sales??

    In every recession previously the unemployment rate has matched the contraction of the economy….i.e if the economy has contracted 10%, then unemployment goes up 10%…… In this recession the UK economy has contracted 6% but unemployment has increased by 1.5%……Do you think a few more job losses are around the corner?

  22. If Celente is forecasting successfully, then why till now (December 8, 2009) we haven’t seen a collapse?
    I remind that Celente call early in this year (2009) and insisted in this, that we will have a “Collapse of 2009”.
    When will happen this Collapse? In 2010?
    Then why didn’t he call this Collapse of 2010?
    This guy just selling fururism.

  23. Robert, good job but you are wasting your energy on the masses. There is an old market saying the “masses are a$$es.”

    I have friends calling me negative, saying think positive. Well, I’m the most positive person most have met but I am a realist.

    Dream when making your highest goals but live in reality and plan accordingly.

    Panayiotis, you need to understand variables. You need to understand artificially propping things up. This accentuates the ride down.

    This country is in a dire situation and the masses choose the least experienced person possible that had to spend the most to get into office. The sad thing is that he had to spend so much though only once in history has an incumbent stayed in power during a recession. Hmm?

    Look at his right hand man and his family’s history. It should worry you.

    I believe it was Benjamin Franklin that said every country needs a revolution every two hundred years to clean up the garbage it has collected.

    Hmm? Does that sound appropriate?

    Does this country resemble what the founding fathers tried to create?

    I think not.

    Think positive but prepare for the worst, just like our fore fathers did.

    God Bless America! It really needs it.

  24. I’m not sure what to make of Gerald Celente. I’ve only known about him for less than 5 months.

    He definately is a very good speaker. He SOUNDS like he knows what it is that he’s talking about. But, that could be just to captivate people. Who knows.

    However, proof is in the pudding. I’ll reserve any critical judgements I might have about Gerald Celente till I see how things actually happen in the real world

    It’s going to be very interesting to find out what actually happens in the first month or two of 2010.

  25. Gerald Celente has been right on in most of his forecasts and he is getting better with each newsletter. He called commercial real estate to fall and they are desperately propping it up with fake dollars. His timing may be delayed because they are coming up with unpredictable schemes to keep it going. The economy should have collapsed in 2008/2009 timeframe, but the fake dollars and stimulus spending is prolonging the inevitable. Its just matter of time before this whole thing collapses under its own weight of fake money, corporate greed and derivatives bubble that no one seems to be talking about anymore.
    As Gerald’s trends forecasts get more accurate, you have to be a fool not to take his warning to “Plan for the worse. If the worse doesn’t happen, back off from there”.
    It’s not the end of the world, but the end of a corrupt top-heavy system that deserves to finally die. The ones that will suffer the most are the ones that are unprepared.
    The author of this article doesn’t have a clue and is probably a paid debunker. Go attack someone with less credibility. Celente is the wrong guy to pick a fight with.

  26. All I saw in this article was an ad hominid attack on a man who CNN and many others PAY a lot of money to know what his staff (better than ANY University)and he think is coming.

    What nobody likes here is that Celente is not toeing the state-run propaganda machine line that all is OK if you just take the vaccine.

    Celente has it spot on and all along he has been saying what myself and other “practical economists” have been saying all along.

    Those who followed the shills on mainstream media lost their savings and are in position to take the next hit on the dow. Don’t believe me, take a look at the 100 year dow chart along side a long term gold chart. Criminals have seized both parties and can only maintain power by robbing everybody to pay their FED workers until everyone is broke and even the FED workers gotta get in a bread line.

  27. Wow, you must be one of the 20% in the US to admit being Republican. Try going out and getting a job that pays living wages. Celente may not be right about EVERYTHING, but at least he has more class that you do.

  28. It seems that Mr. Celente is simply using the scientific method of making predictions, similair to what Alvin Toffler used and we all know how accurate his predictons were. No one has dared to call him a soothsayer.

  29. Oh, make no mistake about it, Mr. Celente sees quite clearly. When it comes to topics like the utter criminality of Wall Street and the ruinous “bubble economies” these thieves create for the enoromous benefit of the few, while sacrificing the working class economy, he is dead on. In a different society the politicians that are in the pockets of Wall Street would be hung or shot on a firing squad for what they have done to this nation.

  30. While Mr. Celente makes millions selling his poison pills, you anxiety ridden sheep gulp them down and help make his predictions a self-fulfilling prophecy. If his followers took the same energy, enthusiasm, and ambition displayed toward their fear and channeled that to promote sound moral and ethical business and social practices, we would come out a stronger society than ever. Rather than relishing in the dog pooh on the sidewalk, maybe walk around it and smell the roses. If the lion is going to kill you in the end, only give it two seconds of your attention, not years of anxiety wondering if it will happen. Only three types of people know the long-term future; the liars, the fools, and the combination of the two.

  31. Wrong wrong wrong. This article is bad news
    for anyone who reads it. The author is completely impaired and lacking a clear mind

  32. Thanks Erlo, at last an intelligent and sound comment. It seems so many people really want the worst to happen instead of starting to change their own behaviour. I don’t judge them as I myself very often make the same mistake.
    As for Celente, in December 2008 he predicted the “collapse of 2009”. Where is that so-called collapse? Why no one is questioning him on that big predictive mistake? He even doesn’t have the class to recognize that he was mistaken, complacently repeating the same stuff word for word on each of his numerous speeches. Now he is talking about the “Krash of 2010″…Predicting the worst each year, he will finally be right one day. No doubt he is making a lot of money with his doomed prophecies in the meantime and that’s probably the bottom line for him.

  33. I enjoy listening to Gerald Celente. He is interesting and brings up interesting ideas that are worth investigating for market research and also for personal goals. For entertainment, I give him 5 stars, for innovative ideas, I give him 4 stars and for the nerve to speak his mind, I give him 6 stars.

  34. “What’s particularly strange is that Infowars hasn’t bothered to quibble with Celente’s statements, much less point to any of his inaccurate predictions.”

    Well, Edward, you weren’t able to point out any of his “inaccurate predictions” either, now, were you? So the point of your entire blargo write up is… ? I guess that’s left as homework to the reader.

    Next time you write a story, please don’t make it a pointless triad on your ill-political views, it wastes people’s time. We know you hate Fox, we don’t need a daily reminder how you can’t stand the only media source that covered stories like ACORN’s pediphile child-sex ring, or the like. Truth hurts.

  35. look guys.. it doesn’t matter if it’s some dominican mamma wit a crystal ball or some guy in an armani suit…. all these doomsayers are nothing more than storytellers who knows how to

    They are experts at using the right words at the right time to invoke our own personaol fears and insecurities.
    The old saying about an old broken clock is right twice a day epitonmizes these doomsayers… when you start throwing wild albeit educated predictions out there of course you’re going to get it right every now and then but hardly Nostradamus.. given our state of world affairs it is really not difficult to make some “assumptions” and the sheeps will all but eat it up.

  36. I’m a little puzzled. I have just heard of this guy so I started to look for his record online.
    You seemed to be what I was looking for – a list of his screw ups. Then you provided not one.
    If these examples are the “worst” of his predictions (they are all accurate) the guy does a great job.

  37. The Champion of spin goes out of his way to ridicule Celente for being CORRECT. Talk about being ambitious! Why not include, for comparison, all the Blue Sky (and Green Shoot) feel good predictions which emanated from CNBS (You remember. No housing bubble. No recession. Economy fundamentally sound, etc.)? No. Don’t ridicule the guys who were WRONG. Ridicule the guy who was CORRECT. Moron.

  38. Celente isn’t a pessimist nor is he an optimist; he’s a realist and his track record for being correct speaks for itself. Its always interesting to see small minded people attack someone for things they cannot understand or refuse to accept. They live in the “yes we can” and “everyone is special” and “that can never happen” world. They refuse to see what’s right in front of them, or are rather to scared to admit it and they quite often are shocked when it happens. Gerald Celente is a trends researcher not a psychic, but he’s usually right in predicting future events with his research. What does that tell you? If you want to continue listening to the people who refuse to tell you the truth; who flat out lie to you, then please be my guest. If they could get away with it, the news networks would still be saying we’re not in a Recession and that the economy is sound. Thankfully we have the internet to take place of the loss of journalism in this country, else we’d all be under a rock listening to the news they wanted us to hear and perhaps one day we’d wake up to find ourselves in a dictatorship and never fully understanding how or when it happened.

    Praise people like Celente for speaking out. Start using your intelligence. If you lack it, obtain it. Its called a book stupid. I’d suggesting brushing up on History for its that very subject if not understood that will repeat itself.

  39. If anything you need to listen to the people that predicted the economic turmoil and start your logic basis from there. Too many people in America don’t want to question there authorities as to what extent does government regulation hurt business in the country. You don’t have to believe eveything Celente says but you can’t deny he didn’t try to warn you. Americans are too brain washed and can’t even spend 5 minutes to do their own income taxes when you only need an 8th grade education to complete the most difficult tax problems. Cut the prapoganda bs and understand Peter Schiff has many of the same views on the economy and he is trying to make a difference. America please take your head out of your a$$ and understand big corporations are constantly changing laws in their own favor. How come you don’t hear stories of congress raising the debt ceiling. The author of this article is a piece of sh!t that was told what to write. There is a reason Gerald Celente is the number one global economic trends forecaster in the world.

  40. If someone says something’s gonna happen and it does, that’s the definition of “an accurate guess”. If that same person shows a pattern of making “accurate guesses” people start paying attention. Just because someone scares you with their assertions of what they believe will happen doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be stated. Why would one not want to know about a train barreling down the track to crush them. The solution is simple: turn around, verify for yourself that the imminent threat is real and make the adjustment not to get crushed by stepping off the track. Just look at the info from various sources and make your own decisions then the only person you have to blame for your demise is “you”.

  41. Your article is totally wrong. Celente is dead on most of the time. Nobody is perfect and he never claims to be, but you are absolutely ignoring the incontrivertable truth that his assesments are incredibly acurate. There’s a reason he is so often quoted and interviewed all over the world and why his Trends Research Institute has survived since the early 1980’s. If he was off base even half the time, nobody would take him seriously. You obviously have an agenda or a bone to pick.

  42. Gerald Celente has a TRACK RECORD that most trends analysts would envy. He has predicted that once the government stimulus runs dry, the economy will fall over like a polio victim without their leg braces. I tend to agree. A lot of phony money has been pumped into the world’s economy. This easy money has been used by the Wall Street casino managers to create a dangerous new “stimulus bubble” that is going to pop with enough force to wreck any semblance of monetary prudence. Not only will the emperor be shown to have no clothes, he’s going to be thrown naked into an icy raging river.

  43. The OP of this article is totally clueless as to what the truth is. Alex Jones has about the most honest news you are going to find anywhere, as opposed to main stream corporate media. Celente just speaks the truth as he see’s it, and he has a good track record that speaks for itself. Some of it it common sense to the people on main street, but the big city wall street fairies haven’t got a clue what the real world is like.

  44. Some of us have insight and some of don’t. Looks like the author of this piece doesn’t. It’s nice to want to see the glass as half full, but at what expense?

  45. […] Brothers – RT – Gerald Celente's global economic forecast (1). Gerald Celente, Futurist Fraud : Edward Champion’s Reluctant Habits Gerald Celente Expect Hunger Riots all over 03-Mar-09 pt 1/2. Added to. Gerald Celente expect World […]

  46. So Celente has a “track record” of making correct trend
    predictions. Almost anyone I know has a similar track record,
    myself included: We are humans who follow current events and read
    about history. The economic collapse has been predicted in great
    detail by many writers, economists, psychologists, historians and
    for many years before it finally happened. Plus, there are those
    who know about all the cracks in the foundation and want to
    profit when the building comes down, and the ones who are paid to
    cover them up. Celente has no positive goal, he just keeps
    shouting and ranting about how everything is so much more
    terrible than anyone understands, he does not provide any wisdom,
    to the opposite. Just listen to him a few minutes and you realize
    how angry he is but how little advice he provides. He is a
    demagoge when he compares Obama with Lenin (a la socialized
    healthcare). What nonsense. I wonder what Celente’s nasty agenda
    really is, other than making money of providing his rants for the
    nuckle heads TV networks. Perhaps his agenda is this: Scare
    people into buying gold, where he predicts a price of $2000 for
    an ounce. That could make him a lot of money paid by the

  47. Obama and the elites must be paying people to slander the truth sayers. Here’s an idea: Get a life, and stop calling people frauds and crayzies when clearly the only one who’s an idiot here is the writer of this article. You must be one of the obama drones sucked in to the bullshit lies the government tells everyone.

    Now go back to sleep and have fun with your Nobama care.

  48. For all of those who are wondering why we haven’t had the collapse that was predected, you haven’t been paying to much attention to the huge bailout to the banks with borrowed money which makes our deficit even bigger. I like the too big to fail when it comes to the good old USA.. It’s rather comical, you can never borrow too much money or never have to pay it back. Who says history doesn’t repeat itself. GS doesn’t spoon feed us with the propaganda that most news media gives us. He just gives us reality which most don’t like(just human nature). One think he does miss out on is that industrialism is new relatively speaking and a new(old) rural agricultural society will replace our current one whether we like it or not. The only way to maintain consumerism(and non rural society) is with finite energy(another thing we want to ignore). I’m not looking fondly to the future.

  49. So who’s been right more? Celente or Bernanke?

    Dylan Skriloff’s comment below is more accurate and researched than this entire article. The truth is that the major news outlets now simply regurgitate the administration’s press releases with very little objective research – and that is a very dangerous thing for a democracy.

    The article’s suggestion that Mr Celente’s work is based on reading a few newspapers is ludicrous – that was him suggesting how we might gain some insights.

    Mr Celente is one of the very few people out there willing to really look at our situation with objectivity and not the seriously myopic and self-praising propaganda coming from the admin advisors and the Fed.

    Mt Celente wouldn’t be pessimistic about our situation if we weren’t in real trouble, and he does suggest ways we can fix it – and no “In Fed We Trust” isn’t going to save us.

  50. If you spend more than a paragraph bitching about somebody else you are wasting time. Spend your time focused on what you should change about yourself. If you can’t do that you have no right to bitch anyway. Don’t be angry with me. Just think about it…

  51. Wow. Didn’t you miss the mark entirely. Perhaps you missed the point where he doesn’t claim to be a great and profound futurist. That’s not what he wants at all. You are right in one capacity however. He does see the obvious! That’s the bloody point! The problem is we don’t! We refuse to see the obvious. The only way this world even takes a note about the garbage that is really going on is to have it shoved under our noses in plain sight! He would like nothing better than to be wrong. You want him to use science and facts to back up his predictions. He has a team that helps him with these trends! They are using science and facts to back this up! Also maybe take a history lesson yourself and look at pre-WWII economic conditions. See what the money the governments made did to their economies. The check yourself!

  52. I have literally scoured the Internet looking for any article to discredit Gerald Celente…….And this is all I could find !!!! That settles it, i’m buying Gold, and oiling up my Rifle !!!! This author just sealed the deal with me…..Celente is a Genius.

  53. You know what is sad about this article? You’re bashing his credibility and he does not only come out on FOXnews but other medias that are not even conservative. This man speaks the truth and actually says it in a humble manner. What he says is true, “Instead of buying from China, we should be producing and buying locally to support our nation’s economy.” The greedy people from Wall St. are rich already, so they do not care if the middle class and poor suffer. They’re already set for life. If you’re going to bash him, get other sources and get real credibility. This article is going to be two years old and Mr. Celente is still correct of what he has been saying. I bet you feel somewhat of a douche but maybe your ego and pride won’t let you see you’re wrong! Easily offended and becomes the victim quickly!

  54. Gerald Celente does nothing but rant about current day issues. When prompted for his solution he says that we need Cold Fusion, Zero-Point Energy, or something equivalent to the Internet (which he failed to predict). He left the solution to the Engineers and the Scientists as he claims that his mind could not wrap around such things. The first two are works of science fiction and things that are touted as foolish attempts to obtain the Philosopher Stone in academia but spun up into fairy tales to be told as potential technology to the general public through Popular Science or the likes. To invent something on the scale of the internet would require considerable work.

    Bottomline: Complainers complain while scientists and engineers work for a solution.

  55. This article reeks of jealousy and at the same time a very transparent attempt in Celente Cloning. You dont have to read or believe anything, truth and reality changes everyday. Edward Champion sounds like the guy who says he hates cheese but loves pizza.

  56. I’m in scotland and can tell you that in the last two years my earning capacity as an entertainer has fell dramatically due to venues closing,businesses closing,more people staying in glued to sports tv and cheap beer from major supermarkets ,Iam in the front line of gcs predictions and it looks like it’s getting worse(ps my house is being reposssed by santander)I would gladly take to the streets come the revolution, cos as gerald says “when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose,they lose it”Not doom and gloom just sadly fact………..

  57. I read almost the entire response string to this article and Ed’s missive. Gerald Celente is stating the obvious– not surprised if some or most of his predictable trends materialize.

    Look all you good people, if there is a revolving door to the sanctums of the gov’t. for Fed and Goldman Sach’s executives, if there are clear manipulations in the market , by Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street Bankers that used monetary instruments that allowed them to bet against what they sold and knew would fail in the first place and there is not a sound state of regulation ( the mortgage crisis).– If Corporations are mainly to make money, human interest is only served in that regard.

    If Corporations have “personhood” ( wrongly given the rights of individuals) and Lloyd Blankfein is just doing “God’s work”, and that corporate personhood was arrived at through the interpretation of a Supreme Court Case by a court reporter no less–and not by a judge, during a railroad case where actually the 14th Amendment to the Constitution was to guarantee human rights to freed slaves–if Corporations through a fluke and not a direct change to the 14 th amendment guaranteed and operated on a personhood basis erroneously giving them terrible powers– — if the currency America uses is provided by the Federal Reserve system an arm of the World bank and with every digital dollar created (not backed by anything concrete) and loaned to the American Govt with interest for issue is a debt to the World Bank ultimately. If Trillions of dollars with Interest accruing has been borrowed and distributed realize that debt grows exponentially and there will be no paying this debt back. This is a reality. The entire western world and near eastern world are groaning under the weight of this irreconcilable situation. How long before this vibrates back to the core of American life and creates an earth quake. All the naysayers don’t need to look to Gerald Celente to see whether they agree with him or not, the evidence is the in the eyes of every European and they are either angry or terrified.

    Global Economy and global management of world resources are chief priorities of large multinational corporations, Vivendi and Suez among them. They work in tandem with the World Bank. The Work Bank includes european aristocracy and members of many multinational corporations sitting on their boards.

    The real problem is world wide, Corporate entities in collusion with the World Bank and the international monetary fund are laying low western civilization and decimating 3rd world nations. The best thing any country can do is resist utterly the advances and help of the World Bank and Get Rid of the Federal Reserve system . It’s outmoded and no longer serves national interests. When Bankers, and Governments collude to evoke profits regardless of the needs of many, its time to get rid of them. I believe many gov’ts are held hostage quite literally to the demands of this financial global entity. Please research, read, fact ck everything –and take a look at your world.

    Where i disagree with Celente is on the issue of marginalized people and the elderly, infirm, and sick. They do need some care. If we wage war, we destroy other people, and don’t help our own.

    I would advocate a peaceful productive nation that takes care of its people –each other through support. At its roots , a nation should discourage greed and gratuitous excess. We need to take care of the planet since it takes care of us. No matter how hard on it we are. We need to watch and see where just plain greed is creating distruction, sickness, poverty, and root it out. We need to take hold of ourselves and really look at what we have created , beyond our individual states, beyond the borders of our country and see what instruments are at work in the world economy. Great little economies to study are close to home. Look at the struggles in Central American and their relationship to the World Bank. –its a petrie dish and perfect for examination.

    Its a nasty world game we find ourselves in and the impact is starting to slide back to us and lets hope it doesn’t turn into an avalanche. Geralds advice is sound. Be proactive , you have nothing to lose. Do the things you know will work from history and be mindful of the big picture.

  58. It’s not ‘doom and gloom’, it’s reality. If you don’t agree with the fact that things are going bad, then you must be wealthy and therefore unable to see what is going on in the trenches.

    Sure, it’s not REALLY bad, at least not yet, but the indicators are all around. You would have to be completely ignorant to discount gerald celente in the midst of all that is going on in the world.

    But in the end, think for yourself. Go out there and see what the truth is, rather than letting blowhards like Edward Champions dictate your logic.

  59. Daniel, just to keep things straight, political aetheism means he doesn’t follow any party. He is outside of that and that has nothing whatsoever to do with his religious beliefs which are his personal relationship to his maker and none of our business.

  60. Celente doesn’t predict. He reads the works of others and lays claim to them if he agrees with them.

    In 2006, Peter Schiff predicted a forthcoming bad and lengthy recession. Schiff said “not months but years.”

    In the Fall of 2007, Marc Faber said the recession had begun. He was right, even with the blip in fourth quarter nominal GDP.

    It’s now five quarters straight of quarter-to-quarter decline in real GDP.

    Celente is a fear monger con man with no money at stake, nothing bet on original beliefs. Why should anyone listen to him.

    He said riots and new political action for 2010. Where are these things?

  61. 2010 is not over yet. I don’t believe any predictions until they materialize, however, as we write to each other about Celente, 12 US war ships (including an aircraft carrier, 2 nuclear submarines) and 1 Israeli war ship are moving along the Red Sea for Iran. On the same day of launch, Iranians launched ships (number unknown to me) headed for Gaza carrying ‘relief’ supplies for the Palestinians. They are going encounter each other. What do you think might happen?–Consider THOSE possibilities.–(The Sunday Times reported that Israeli Air Force has been granted air access to Iran via Saudi Arabia, Israeli officials made the statement but has been denied by a Saudi official publicly.)

    This story has been neglected by all the major news in the US (but caught a piece of reporting on a portion of it on MSNBC) but we might connect the dots through overseas news reports and publications. If something should occur, don’t you think there will be some kind of public backlash? And while all this might seem abit unapproachable, we do tend to believe things when they are already happening, often when it is too late to prevent them. All the while we must field non-information and disinformation. It’s so much work isn’t it to sort it out. You see we like our bread and circuses and we indulge as often as possible, don’t we?

    Though Celente often seems furious about the whole thing and at times seems fear mongering, he is personally committed from a deep place within himself and is genuinely trying to warn and wake people up. Right or wrong, there is nothing wrong with being awake to the conditions of the world we live in. We have minds, we can hunt for information and decide for ourselves. Let’s not shoot the messenger.

  62. Regardless if Gerald Celente is right or wrong he is not the giver of the solution but just the messenger of current affairs.

    People complain about greed and banks thinking that the only solution is to overthrow some regime or start up the “Ma and Pa” local business again will be the solution to everything. This is like saying that police officers are not necessary if we have self discipline. Greed is integral to us humans and it is a vital to survive.

    The greater problem, which no one really talks about, is not about the World Bank, NWO, CFR, or whatever, is overpopulation of the world. This scarcity and diminishing quality of life for the middle class is just the consequence of having one to many mouths to feed which was brought about by advances in Science and Medicine.

    The Adam Smith Economics was conceived in a time where the average life span was 37 years or so compared to the current world average of 67.2. Does the Classic Economics model work for a workforce that lives almost twice as long?

    By the way, for a good glimpse of the future read this book:

    The ebook is now made FREE by the author which gives the reader a view of the future as automation (machines) continue to displace more people from the workforce. Sounds like the plot from Terminators.

  63. Blackbeard you are oversimplifying…if you think corruption is acceptable then cynicism is your buddy. Hope it’s warm and fuzzy when you go to sleep at night. Hope it feeds your children in years to come. There ARE alot of people in the world. No one would say different but your commentary indicates to us all you observe ostrich economics and that will help no one.

  64. How does one get the title, Worlds Top Trends Forecaster? It seems like a mandatory introduction when he appears on most programs. Isn’t that like calling oneself the Worlds Strongest Clown or the Worlds Best Dresser. Are you really the top guy Celente? or are there thinkers on park benches far better? I think the latter.

  65. I guess Gerald Celente is one of the only people to tell us the truth about the US recession. Everyone else in the US just sugarcoats everythiing, oh were in a recovery now, bullshit. All or most media outlets in the US are owned or run by billionaire friends of the Republican or Democrat parties, and more or less told what to print. Thus stories about Lindsay Lohan or who won American Idol, or how Sandra Bullock is coping, whilst the whole world economy is turning to shit. At least this guy has the balls to speak up, when sadly most of us behave like muted sheep. Its time the world and particularly the US woke up, and threw out all these lying and manipulative politicians. They only have their own and their billionaire friends future to look out for, they dont care about ours.

  66. Mr. Celente does his research. His research produces results. With his results, he can forecast where something is headed next. Most of the time, he is spot on. So what if he misses a few, he is not a God-ordained prophet or anything of such, he just tells it like it is. Take a look at the world you live in. Do you not see gloom? If people, the govt, the monetary system doesn’t shape up, could you see doom? Everything is right out here for everyone to see. The facts are in front of you everyday. Mr. Celente does his work and he does a great job at trends forecasting and has a hell of a track record to prove it. This article was just dumb. And as a classic older Italian, i dont think he would give a rats behind what this article says….lol!!

  67. taking liberty – If you think attacking the current corruption will solve over population problem think again. You are definitely the type of person to be classified as penny-wise pound stupid. I never said the corruption wasn’t a problem but it is nothing compared to the bigger problem being population. Capitalism, the way it is setup, follows the power law. Take a look at the entertainment industry where only a few artists are superstars, a few are budding, and rest are penny pinching just to survive. This is no different than Corporate America where there are only a few CEOs who make the big bucks, a few wannabe managers trying to be the next CEO, and lots of people struggling just to pay the bills. Don’t get so hung up on Reality TV, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Trans-fats, and McDonalds Dollar menu because the consumption of those things makes you into the typical robotic Serf. If you believe that “Cold Fusion” and Zero Point Energy or other hogwash ideas in Popular Science, which Celente claims will be the solution to everything, will solve today’s problems then it is you who needs to take your head out of the sand.

  68. The tip-off should be that Celente is a frequent guest on that Gary Null radio show. Gary Null is a quack peddling overpriced vitamins. He and Celente want to scare the public with their doom and gloom. And Gary Null looks like a mental patient.

  69. well ully who knows only time will tell if there right or wrong. But its an interesting point of view anyway that celente has. I guess its kind of perverse thinking of the end of the financial world and all the horror that comes with it. But all we can do is hedge our bets and cover our asses. But he is right I think about most politicians most of them are liars amd manipulators. You always have to read between the lines. Most of what you see in the news I think is somewhat manipulated to keep most of the mindless masses amused. So im going to buy some gold and buy some more ammo, because if Celente is right and theres a 50- 50 chance he might be. Were all in for a big shit fight, and only the prepared and slightly violent will survive. But im bored and ready for chaos, at least itll be something different.

  70. Blackbeard, you make assumptions on my position and what I believe. And you know what they say about ‘assuming’. It is not Stupid to look at flaws in the system and see where they lead ..and by the way..what do you propose to do about ‘overpopulation’? Do you see a program in Eugenics as a help for that? Your rather limited view is of course yours to own. Perhaps you think genocide will solve everything. I think you might elaborate further if you would.

    I did not ever state that attacking corruption would solve overpopulation. However, to tolerate corruption and sleep through it and then cry about the problems is not the answer to overpopulation either. It is clear that you see overpopulation as the source of the problem where I see our current and immediate problems as part of a corrupt model. Nothing will change for the better by allowing that to continue.

    As I read your reponse, I see it as rather overblown with not much substance. What do you think the solution might be given your stated position?

  71. Balckbeard et al: I propose you look at this:
    This is a presentation on population growth, then look at the response string of comments… enormous. This is not an easy fix. The only way, our host tells us that we will stop population growth in the extreme is for a nuclear holocaust of gigantic proportions and as part of his solution, global governance to raise people every where from extreme poverty to having smaller families. Let the chips fall where they may, decide for yourselves. I say to you all though, without ethics at every level the game is lost. Lack of ethics at upper echelons is what we are all facing now. It’s a pivotal Moment. Blackbeard, I am sympathetic to your view but all things must be undertaken, alued and understood, they are not mutually exclusive.

  72. This author is a stupid moron! I have made millions on Celene’s advice. Short short short!

  73. I have been following Gerald Celente for the past couple of years now, and I would have to say he is spot on, most of the time. This article is so vague. I have a subscription to his Trends Journal. Gerald Celente goes into more detail.

  74. I’ve Read the entire post and I have to disagree with most of your points.

    Let’s put that aside and realize that Celente advocates informing oneself of where we are today, how we got here and where we can go from here.

    I’ve used the process of researching and answering those three basic questions to successfully transition from profitable business to profitable business several times over the course of my professional career.

    Celente is but one of many sources one can look to because he understands that everything is in flux and we all need to keep our minds open to stay ahead of the doom & gloom offered by big government, big business and big media, who are almost always lagging far behind the innovative entrepreneur.

  75. taking liberty:

    You sound like Hitler. Genocide, eugenics? It is natural for people to die and unnatural for people to stay alive for an extra 10-20years as a result of medical advances. Death was a regular part of life before sanitation and vaccination.

    There is no solution to the global population problem because you and I are a part of the problem just like everyone else. I am not saying that corruption is not an issue but what can YOU do about it? Do you write to your senators or do you have enough money to buy a senator? This is the problem with protesters because none of them have any power to change the issue. Those who have power choose not to do anything because they are most likely part of the fraternity directly or indirectly that causes the problems.

    Corruption is an ongoing theme that spans all of history but over population is a rather new issue. We don’t fight wars in the tradition man-to-man sense anymore as the point of everything these days is to do more with less. i.e. UAVs.

    World – [fast acting disease – Bubonic plague] – [man-to-man combat] + [Geneva convention] + [Medical advances] = Over population

    I would imagine that corruption would be no less in the Babylonian times than it is today if you compare what was considered normal sexual practices then to what is acceptable now.

  76. Truth is, more people like Celente would be needed in order to “save” this country.

    I agree, he is fairly negative & pessimistic, but I guess that’s sometimes what it takes to wake up people. And also, what if he is right?

    I don’t say, just believe what people (like Celente) are telling you. Simply listen, do your own research, get different viewpoints… and come toy your own conclusions.

    Obama and the rest of our “Elite” leaders are telling us: “Don’t worry, everything is fine, the stimulus package is working, the economy growing, jobs are created, the worst is already behind us… – we have everything under control.” So just watch some of your favorite reality shows, get a tasty burger or two at MacDonalds, pay your taxes and know that we are taking care of you…”

    Unfortunately, the reality looks slightly different:

    Every week, thousands of people are losing their jobs, every week thousands of new foreclosures, inflation is going up, wages for most jobs are stagnating or even going down (except on Wallstreet of course), more and more people (who have been working hard all their lives) are ending up on the streets, more and more of our rights are getting stripped off, trillions are wasted for useless wars, trillions are handed over to the banks who caused a huge part of the mess we are in and who just keep on playing the same games as ever. At the same time, the richest are already getting richer – and in general, I don’t have a problem with rich people getting richer, I only have a problem when this causes those who are already struggling getting even poorer.

    So, don’t you think, things are going “slightly” the wrong way here? For those who think, everything is going great and our so-called “leaders” are taking care of us, let’s come back together in 2 years time and discuss where we are standing and what happened in the meantime – I just hope it’s not too late by then.

    So, yes, I’m sounding very negative. But the truth is, – and many will laugh now – I’m a very positive guy; I enjoy every day of my life, I’m deeply grateful for everything I have, I like to fool around and be a big child… but I also want to understand what’s really going on and I want to prepare myself. And that’s also what I recommend to anyone else: educate yourself, prepare yourself, take responsibility for yourself and find joy and happiness in the little things.

  77. Look into Peak Oil. (

    The future is gloomy and yes we are indeed all screwed because we are still a fossil fuel driven society. Any energy alternatives is still in the R&D process and no real feasible solution will come about in the next 5-10 years. Peak oil is happening this year and from this point onward we have a over-demand for oil and I’ll leave the conclusions to be drawn by respective readers

    Corruption, Obama, this or that is not the main pressing issue here. Forget about monetary corruption as we are about to embark on a new episode in human civilization where the population has to drastically decrease in order to have a sustainable and survivable future for man-kind.

  78. The writer of this article is obviously a paid off schill. He is not proving that Celente made any bad predictions but simply nit picking.

  79. This is a poorly written article. The points you make against George Celente are feeble at best, you mentioned eight specific instances. He has been correct at least three times that amount. You are a failure as a journalist.

  80. I missed the part where Celente was effectively discredited in the above article. I take it that was the goal with this piece. (of nonsense)

    What’s pointed out is at most trivial, and unrelated to the premise. It failed to provide any strong supporting evidence.

    You know, since this was written in the Fall of 2008, I say do a fresh rewrite for Fall 2010.
    It would be most interesting to hear Mr. Champion’s current opinion, now that this dose of the so-called, “passive-aggressive dystopia” he lashed out on, is quickly closing in on us and our economy..

  81. This article ignores a lot about Celente. It is probably just another attempt by the author to make the writer feel good about the future while Rome continues to burn. Celente doesn’t claim to be Nostradamus. Wake up and smell the flames — this isn’t a right wing or a left wing issue. The author would better spend his time investigating the corruption behind the scenes in America. Maybe he will awaken and help awaken others, otherwise, let us simply leave him plugged into the Matrix for now to bask in the bliss of his ignorance.

  82. Oh, I got it.Ed Champion”s real job is propagandist director for the white shoe boys and their crooked bought out politician cronies.Good try though.

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