Gerard Jones, The First Writer to Offer His Own Audio Commentaries?

Gerard Jones, author of Ginny Good, certainly hasn’t been resting on his laurels. His latest effort is something called Propagandaville, in which he continues his crusading against bogus marketing devices and the troubling limitations on free speech. Indeed, I don’t think there’s any other author around who has not only offered a complete audio version of his book, but who has been so passionate enough to record his sentiments about the publishing industry.

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  1. I recorded the free fifteen hour multimedia audio book, yeah, but if I were to “record” my sentiments about the ignorant, fascist, superfluous entertainment and media industries it wouldn’t be in a language anyone could understand. I do write stuff about ’em now and again but usually just when I wake up pissed off…which isn’t nearly often enough. Dennis Johnson has been recording his sentiments about the publishing industry for a long time and you’ve been recording a thing or two, too. G.

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