1. Ed, you didn’t know? And the story gets more interesting because Paula Fox had a thing with Marlon Brando (or so people say.. I haven’t read the memoir)… which would mean that Courtney Love could be Brando’s grandchild! Or at least that was the buzz at Breadloaf in 2003.

  2. What does run in the family, clearly, is unorthodox childrearing habits. Ed, I too am surprised you missed this earlier, it’s been around for a while!

  3. Courtney Love is actually pretty damn great w. words. In both her lyrics and off the cuff in interviews.
    Y’know, she’s a rock star, and she’s gotten a lot of crap for stuff that her male counterparts have always done. She really is no dummy, though.

  4. Hold you close like we both died
    My ever pressing suicide
    My stupid fuck, my blushing bride
    Oh, tear my heart out, tear my heart out
    She walks over me
    She walks over me

    Yup. Pure poetry.

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