Gettin’ to Know You

Forgive me this, I posted twice below without a proper introduction. Obvs, my name is Patrick Stephenson. I grew up in Saudi Arabia and currently reside in Saint Paul, MN, former home of F. Scott Fitzgerald. I’m 24-years-old, a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota’s English department. There, I learned under such amazing (and I do mean amazing, the sort that’d change your life) profs as Edward Griffin and John Watkins.

My last day as a security guard was this past Monday—hooray!—and I begin an internship with Graywolf Press (which has published Ander Monson, Sven Birkerts, Jane Kenyon, Percival Everett, David Treuer, Charles Baxter, John D’Agata and about a billion other awesome writers) on July 1.

My websites are, where I haven’t posted much lately because of, y’know, busy-ness, and Smith & Stephenson, another sufferer of my inattention. (I do my best, man, c’mon.) The latter I co-run with Gregory Smith, editor of the Red Dirt Review, who appears occasionally in the comments section of this website. I expect these blogs’ll get a lot more love considering all the free time I have now.

I also TWITTER, if you’re into that sort of thing, here: Patiomensch

By the way, I’ll have a book of my own—ENDOTHERMIC—out in June, and (hopefully) beginning May 24th you can hear me every Thursday on KFAI’s “Write On Radio” show. If you live in the Twin Cities, this’ll be accessible through your radio—90.3 in Minneapolis, 106.7 in Saint Paul. If you’re not fortunate enough to live in TC, you can stream the broadcast from KFAI. I will impress you with my strong, very masculine voice and literary insights.

My favorite writers are Philip Larkin, A.M. Homes, Jonathan Ames, Richard Ford, John Updike and David Foster Wallace. Here is a photo of me wearing a reflective vest. I enjoy biking. Also, I’m attracted to girls who wear glasses. Nevertheless, prose before hos.

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