Hate Mail Dramatic Reading Project #1

hatemail1Last week, I learned that somebody really hated my guts. This person never actually told me why. So I sent this person an email with my phone number, inviting the person to give me a call and make amends through civil discourse. I received a most extraordinary response from this individual — one that has quite pleasantly inspired me to start a new audio series. The following clip represents my dramatic reading of this individual’s hate mail to me, read in a melodramatic, quasi-Shakespearean style.

I hope to start reading more of people’s hate mail. And if you like, I will be happy to read any specific hate mail that you’ve received. (If you do send me hate mail for potential dramatic readings, I only ask that you redact the names of the individuals.) And if there is enough demand, I may even start reading some of the really stupid emails I’ve sent over the years to various people.

Click any of the below links to listen.

Hate Mail Dramatic Reading Project #1 (Download MP3)

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  1. Honestly, Ed, I didn’t really *feel* the line “Sent from my iPhone.” I don’t believe you captured the intent of its writer. There is subtext in that line, and you should dig deeper in your next reading. Just some constructive criticism.

  2. Loved your ‘reading’ of hate mail received! Your
    over -the -top rendition effectively revealed the
    inane quality of the message sent you by that individual. I look forward to future readings. If I get any hate mail, I will certainly send it to you for vocal dramatization. I think that what you’re doing acts as an exorcism. Begone bad spirits!


    Aunt Laura

  3. I’ll admit, I kind of have a crush on your voice from your Bat Segundo interviews… I’m a little scared now, though. I need to go back and listen to the soothing one with the director of Paperback Dreams now, phew…

    Entertaining piece, though! I’m looking for to be frightened more in the future!

  4. This one is a clear feast for a growing baby meme. I’m treating it as such, and spreading it. Also looking toward the day when I boringly analyze one of my own hates, with my most brutal, native, Finnish accent. So thank you: this is just too cool for school.

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