Hipster Provenance?

Downsyn: “Anyway, I am sure you are much cooler than I am so you will love this book so don’t pay any attention to this review and go out and buy the book and be fascinated by stories of warehouses and starting magazines and excrement coming out of backed up toilets and meeting Bill Clinton and wanting to kill people because they don’t treat you and your brother like the horrible tragic victims of the worst thing that has ever happened to anyone because God knows that no one has ever lost their parents before and that no one has suffered as much tragedy as you and your family so writing a memoir and whining for 400 pages makes perfect sense and this reviewer is just a big jerk who doesn’t get it.”

I would like to reiterate to my readers that I am by no means cool or hip, nor plan to be in the immediate future.

Exhibit A: Yesterday, I drummed on my steering wheel while blasting Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.” If a balding man drumming along to a twenty-one year old thrash track mostly forgotten by people under the age of thirty isn’t the antithesis of cool, I don’t know what is. But there’s no guilt at all, and certainly nothing to prove, in banging on a makeshift and wholly unsuitable stand-in for Lars Ulrich’s drum kit.


  1. yes, but have you read the book Tom was reviewing? I haven’t, as I was repulsed by the publicity (similar for Dave Pelzer and others of the ilk). If you’ve read the book he reviews, do you think he’s fair? It made me laugh out loud when I read it the other day.

  2. Yeah, the problem with being cool or a hipster is how much work it takes to figure out how you measure up to the reigning hipster standard. Is there a website for that, that gives you points for soul patches, ironic haircuts/glasses/shoes/clothes? That would make it so much easier…

    However, Metallica may be so *not* cool that it ends up being tres cool. You can’t win for losing.

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